Virgo – Physical – Heart: IMPULSE

Human beings move and act based on different reasons and goals. These can be multiple, often for the fact of supplying a lack or need or to prevent its appearance. It is in this context that we have probably heard on some occasion of primary impulses as something that is impossible to avoid and that are sometimes used as a justification for different types of actions and can even lead to the commission of criminal acts.

We can consider as primary drives the set of motivations that induce to act, in order to respond to the most basic needs of the subject, being their fulfillment fundamental in most cases for the survival of the subject, so that he manages to increase his energy level if it is insufficient to maintain his functioning or survive or reduce it if it is excessive and poses a risk to his health. It also allows us to maintain a state of homeostasis or equilibrium that keeps us alive.

Primary impulses have a biological or organic basis, being and arising innately in all living beings. This implies that the drive is not culturally learned, although the means to achieve them (hunting, cultivating, or flirting, for example) are. In fact, primal drives are shared by a long number of animals, not just humans.

When we speak of impulsivity, we refer to the tendency to react in a hasty or unconsidered way to an external situation without thinking about the long-term consequences. Impulsive people act before thinking, are not very reflective and make hasty decisions without carrying out a COST-BENEFIT assessment. In this way, they often have difficulties in their interpersonal relationships due to their emotional reactions (in the social, work, family, and couple areas).

It is important to be able to use impulsivity in a conscious way and as fuel so that we can realize our purpose, as well as avoid impulses that can cause problems with our environment, or with people we really care about.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being