At some point in the life of a human being arises the search for consciousness, either in small daily acts, or in the account of the entire path walked, especially on our deathbed. Our conscience appears in those moments when we know that something we say or do is not right, and sometimes it generates an immobility to act, or a remorse after having reacted, or perhaps we sink it in the unconscious, so that it could happen that at some point it comes back to us as a boomerang.

It is very shocking to observe how many human beings live in the world of unconsciousness, and how the environment leads them down paths they do not choose, with purposes that are not their own and with a weight of unhappiness on the surface.

It is much more shocking, for instance, to notice that many more people in this world are incoherent. I would dare to say that very few, if any human beings are or have been able to be coherent throughout their lives.

But it is also true that the human being, in different circumstances and especially in his environment, acts or tries to be conscious and coherent, for certain actions or attitudes, and, in particular, towards those whom he loves. When this emotion is present, it is usually easier for these concepts to appear.

Is it possible to be conscious and coherent all the time? Maybe not, but by putting the will every day, in every moment, whether it is difficult, bitter, quiet or happy, the attempt is worthwhile to achieve the purpose.

This second year of the Tree of Life seeks to be the tool that allows us to continue the path of consciousness and coherence of our being.

Finally, in each daily post, I will be encouraging everyone to work, reflect and immerse themselves in the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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