In this first post I would like to explain why I present every day a conversation between my I and my Am.

First of all, and as I wrote in the Welcome to the blog, as an extremely common person and without any kind of «special gift», but with that rationality that seeks an answer to any question that arises, I felt that it could be a good way to continue learning, to put into practice the conversation of the day between my I, Claudio, and my Am, which I identify with that part of me that knows what is right and what is not, and that is usually that inner alert that is present especially in those difficult moments, or decision making, or reflection.

In this way and putting into practice what Matías has said several times throughout the first year of YoSoy, it is important to look for our Am in each of us and talk every day with awareness and sincerity, for bringing out everything we have inside, work and transcend what we have not been able to let go of and continue learning on our path of life.

Why emphasize what I myself can think, understand and apply in each situation that I must experience, over what others may say? How do I really know that what I am thinking is what I really feel and flows from my essence?

The answers to all this are found in that which is totally resonant in my being, and always, but always, that which is within us knows without error our essence and coherence the answer to our doubt.

The fundamental issue here usually happens with confusing us with everything received from the environment, the patterns and heritage, and that is where the daily homework allows us to work, understand and incorporate situations and concepts that we saw them in a way, in a more coherent and liberating perspective, to be able to place ourselves in that center from which to see all perspectives and thus better understand each step already taken and to take.

Personally, it does me a lot of good to have incorporated the practice of talking with my Am, and it helps me to see much more clearly the concepts that I am working on and above all, the conviction that I can change those things that I see are not good for me.

I invite you to watch the video and the alignment of the first day of this second cycle of the path of life.

Finally, in each daily post, I will be encouraging everyone to work, reflect and immerse themselves in the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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