AM: When was the first time you remember feeling exposed?

Me: I remember back when I was six years old performing in a school show where I had to be a black candombero (something very representative of the colonial era in these parts of the world) and dance on the stage of the theater. Since I was always very elastic with my body, and dancing was inside me, I felt in a safe zone and very confident in what I was doing. So, at that moment I felt that everyone was watching me, and I even enjoyed it. With that innocence of showing others something made by me, and by the mere fact of receiving in return a face between surprise and joy, and hearing praises and congratulations of what they saw in what I was doing, I closed the whole circle.

AM: And how did the story continue?

Me: That same year, in Argentina there was a television program that all the youth of the country followed. It was called Música en Libertad, and there they presented the groups and soloists of the time, presenting the music of the moment, and there was a presenter together with a group of boys and girls who danced with very striking choreographies for that time. Quite a success! It turned out that one day they called for auditions for kids to dance, for a new TV show based on this same hit, but with a group of kids dancing on the stands, instead of adults. And at the time, my sister and a friend were insistent enough to take them. My sister is 19 months older than me, and as a reference of everything about me, if she went, I had to go too, so on the day in question we went to the TV station. There were hundreds of kids ranging in age from 6 to 12 years old. We went into a room where they placed us in rows and columns about three feet apart and after we were all in place, they told us to dance to the song they were going to play. While the song was playing and the kids were dancing, there were people from the channel who passed among them, and they told some of them that they could stop dancing and invited them to leave the area where we were. That is, they were eliminating according to the criteria they were looking for. The song ended, and a new one began. And back to dancing. I don’t remember how much I danced or how many songs there were, but the point here was that at the end of the day I was one of the pre-selected for the final phase of the group that would remain in the program.

AM: So you were one step away from being exposed to an important audience all over the country at a very young age?

Me: I never thought that back then, at least at the beginning. I was just happy that others thought I danced well.

AM: let’s review how the story ends

Me: Obviously my sister and her friend were furious that I, who hadn’t insisted on going to the hearing, had gone and they hadn’t, and in turn, I got this pressure that I had never really felt before, at my young age, of what to do to improve my dancing and perfect it. It was all very amateurish, and I just danced naturally. The corollary of everything is that, between the pressures of the sponsoring companies with the production company, the channel with all that it represented from the point of view of work, the exposure of the kids, the parents fighting among themselves for the place that their own children should have on the screen (not even a pilot had been made yet), and other issues that may have happened, the channel itself decided to suspend everything and nothing more was ever done about it.

AM: And what did you feel at that moment?

Me: I felt relaxed about the pressure I had started to feel to fill the place they were supposed to give me. But I also knew internally that that was not my thing, nor was I looking to follow that path.

AM: it was me telling you that! You were following the desire of others, and you unconsciously thought that was for you. What do you imagine would have been the result if the program had been aired?

Me: possibly I would have had my quarter of an hour of fame, very small, where many would acclaim me and others would defenestrate me, and not knowing how to handle the pressure and with a highly negative outcome for me and walking a completely and a definitely different path than the one I did and that has led me to where I am today.

AM: we know that you have never been left wondering what would have become of you if you had made a different decision at every fork in the road throughout your life.

Me: it is not part of my essence to think about what would have become of me if I had decided otherwise. It is a mixture of determination and acceptance that what I have decided for myself at every moment of my life until today is what it was meant to be, and I have never questioned it.

AM: What about your center?

I: I incorporated it with Matías, where it changed my vision of what it is to be in the center and to be able to see all perspectives from there. I am not clear if I am all the time in the center, and well located, or if I am off-center in certain occasions, but the things that happen to me I see them from several perspectives and like trying to locate myself looking at those different angles, and it makes me be calmer, thinking clearly and avoiding acting unconsciously. As I usually emphasize, nothing is perfect, so I know I have a lot to polish and learn.

AM: I invite you to watch Matias’ explanatory video and the alignment of the day.

Me: I seek to be my center

AM: I Am.

I invite you to watch the video of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

2 comentarios en «Leo – Mind – Plexus: I AM THE PORTAL OF THE BEING»

  1. Soy: El ultimo día que pasaste por aquí fue el día de la pineal. … Regresas hoy… Al plexo… Por que?

    Yo: Realice al levantarme de la cama que me sentía desorientado… En desorden. He estado siguiendo otro grupo… Para lanzar mi negocio online… Y pues había un EN VIVO (Un Live)… De 3 días.

    SOY : Y?

    YO: No me gusta la sensación de desconeccion… Me sentía desenraizado… Desconectado del tiempo y me doy cuenta de lo importante de conectarse al tiempo – espacio de una forma que me permita conectarme a lo importante en mi vida…. Mantener la constante relación con mi consciencia… El asunto está en encontrar el tiempo para hacer algo que reconozco es importante para mí y poder seguir y avanzar en el camino de consciencia.

    SOY : Y que puedes hacer con tanto que hacer cada día con relación a tu trabajo?… Que como Tauro sabes bien es un eje super importante?

    YO: Pues seguir un calendario que me conecta a mi energía y de paso a mi entorno y la Red YoSoy… 😄…

    SOY.: Sencillo?

    YO: Lo puedo hacer manteniendo a través de mi diario…. Anotando para empezar el día…. La fecha, y la semana y día del calendario que Matías me ha dado… Y lo puedo hacer con la Alineación de cada día…. Así voy hasta el video donde lo realice cada día… Empezando si puedo… O al menos en algún momento del día…

    SOY: Listo… Empieza ya…

    YO:… 😀… SI gracias Claudio, gracias Matias, Gracias Red YoSoy 💜

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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