Leo – Mind – Plexus: THE CENTER

We know that each of us is unique and different from the rest. And we can imagine what it means, given today’s seeming patterns, to be in the center, with the explosion of social media, where human exposure can be exposed from all kinds of angles.

Just 20 years ago, exposure was focused on a very small group, especially in terms of art (movie or television stars, musicians, writers, painters, sculptors), journalists, politicians, athletes, and that was the end of the options, where each person’s gift was highlighted and this made them different from the rest.

Therefore, it also meant that the others, not having those gifts, or not being able to show their own skills, were left with the potential of what they could do, but without showing it to the rest.

Definitely, the Internet was able to change all this, and just as today there are millions of people exposing their own lives on the networks, and in most cases they try to show those things that will place them in the spotlight, at least for a few moments: from exposing sculptural bodies, selfies in the most risky places, or common photos with heavenly phrases that make people think that they belong to the select group of beings of light trying to help the rest to be equal, or those who show their facet of serial haters to everything that others do, just because they think that they have fun dynamiting what they want to show.

But the real meaning of being in the center is not that others observe you, but that each one is located in that place to be able to see the different perspectives, precisely, from its center. The post that Matías presents in this regard was very important for me personally, to be able to change the preconception of what the center represented for me, since it allowed me to understand that center does not mean exposure but the location of one’s own being within.

I invite you to read or reread Matías’ post for this day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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