Leo – Mind – Root: I AM PORTAL OF LIFE

AM: what do you think about today’s topic?

Me: I find it interesting. I’m in the middle of a generation that turned out to be one of the last ones in which sex was taboo, and the current generations in which there is not only all kinds of information about sex but many more options for sexual relationships beyond a man and a woman.

AM: And how do you deal with it?

Me: They are social changes that I understand, accept and free of many preconceptions and prejudices, and above all, have allowed many people to live their sexuality the way they please. In a short time, most of the people who were frustrated for not being able to live a full life will disappear.

AM: And in your case, do you live a full life?

Me: I feel that I do. As I was growing up, being a man, the whole center of my being was in my penis, and in adolescence, and with my shyness and personal traumas made me have to apply self-stimulation, something that at that time I did not know, but that the vast majority if not all human beings practice it. Then, when I was in a couple, I was always interested in my own pleasure, and the other person was in the background, until the love of my life appeared more than 20 years ago and there my feeling changed to share the pleasure with her.

AM: and today your penis is still the center of your being?

Me: Today I feel that my body is more integral, and that not everything goes through my genitals. This idea of activating all the body and spiritual energy through the root chakra allows me to work everything related to my own pleasure, to a point where all the senses can experience and activate the kundalini and every corner of my body feels that energetic impulse and channel what in other times was the ejaculation itself into something much deeper. And I definitely find it much more stimulating.

AM: each person is unique, and the first thing each one must do is to know herself intimately, without prejudice, openly, and conscious of her own pleasures, activating all her senses to the fullest, and that is how all her energy will come to the surface both in her body and in her spirit, and then, her whole being will be balanced and in coherence.

I invite you to watch the video of Matias talking about this subject.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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