Leo – Emotional – Throat: COHERENCE

My mind thinks, my soul feels what I think and my body acts as my mind does and my soul feels. A far-fetched phrase if there is one, because most of the time, what we think is not what we feel nor what we do, what we feel is not what we think and do, and what we do is not what we think or feel.

What is translated in incoherence, every human being suffers it every day, because it is very difficult to be able to be analyzing every second of life if these three states of the being are coherent. Incoherence leads to error, and this makes us learn, so welcome.

The point, likewise, is focused on trying to go towards the coherence of the self. It is very common to be able to project in others the incoherence in their actions because it is something that we see as spectators, added to the judgment that human beings make of others in their daily lives. But it is very difficult to work on our own inconsistencies, because we do not always want to show what we think or what we feel for a variety of reasons, although the deepest ones have to do with the fear of not being accepted, not fitting in, or making a fool of ourselves.

The big question here is, whether we are settled in a position to be responsible and act as we feel and think, knowing that there may be consequences. But here’s the thing: if we work on our essence, with unconditional love and with the will to do good, the consequences will also be good. If we think and feel things that make us uncomfortable, we must first work on them to understand why they are there, to transcend them, and from there, to be able to act.

It is very difficult and complicated, but we are in this life to solve what we must learn, that’s all.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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