Leo – Emotional – Throat: I AM LIFE IN COHERENCE

Me: following yesterday’s conversation, I was thinking if I am acting in coherence with the situation I am living, and if the others are acting in the same way.

AM: I think it is convenient to talk about it, and to analyze if you are acting in coherence.

Me: as I have said, I created the blog thinking of doing it for me, my family, and for those people who might be interested in following the path of YoSoy. As this path was, is and will be led by Matias, my feeling told me that I should accompany him in a different way, because it is within me to try to make a difference, to break the paradigms, not in the way of fighting everything that is in front of me, but to show the improvements that can be made, always from my perspective. It seemed novel to me, to present a perspective of someone common, and that each concept can be captured not from the mastery of Matias, but from a student who helps other classmates in their learning. The most important thing for me, and I like to express it, is that my life is not about being in the networks, promoting myself as a leader of consciousness, and I do not seek financial reward, because with my profession I live well, which means that all this is to contribute my time and my desire to do the blog. Finally, the action itself is to capture in the blog the posts of each day, which closes the whole analysis.

AM: so far, we have been doing very well, but not everything feels that way.

Me: I just don’t find the coherence of others, precisely of the person who blocked me from the Facebook group…

AM: well, that’s your perspective. This person thinks that Matias is an elevated being whose life can possibly be compared to that of Jesus. She feels that her own life circulates with every step that Matias makes and professes, and she acts in defending Matthias against any potential enemy that stands in Matthias’ path, which is hers. This means she is thinking, feeling and acting in coherence, and nothing has to change.

Me: …. I have no way to be able to counter what you have said. But, if everyone is coherent in such opposite ways, how can we be coherent as a community?

AM: that is something that all human beings will have to work on together, because the coherence of the social group is not based on what the majority thinks, feels and acts, because this would represent falling into the same pattern that society has until today as a whole.

Me: and then?

AM: for the time being, and from my own coherence, I can tell you that it is a tortuous path to think of a society that is coherent, accepting the path of each one, no matter how different it may be. It will take centuries to happen, and you will experience this in some other life. For now, focus on your own coherence and let go of the expectation that your own perspective is the only valid one. All are valid and we must accept them

Me: I am Coherent

AM: I Am

I invite you to watch Matias’ explanatory video for the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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