Leo – Emotional – Plexus: I AM LIFE IN ALL THINGS

AM: you have never found it offensive to be called self-centered.

Me: I have never felt it as an offense. I can say that in certain cases it bothered me a little, not much, but it had more to do with a feeling of who said it to me, because I assumed they understood me. But for the rest of the people, I didn’t care if they said it.

AM: It took you a while to build it up anyway! You had a strong base with Virgo and your ascendant in Aquarius and your Moon in Gemini were an interesting pillar as tools at your disposal.

Me: today I understand that yes, but in my early years, like all of us, where every situation is pure learning, where I didn’t feel evil as part of me, it was completely difficult for me to understand why I felt aggressions towards me from anyone outside my environment. The neighborhood where I moved in the suburbs of the city of Buenos Aires, was a middle and lower middle-class neighborhood, where everyone knew each other, the neighborhood club was the nerve center in an area inside where our house was, and there I always felt vulnerable.

It took me many years to build up my ego, and that’s how I intuited what I had to do to get out of that place.

AM: intuition…. Thank you for what I get!

Me: I didn’t know that you were also sensitive to my sayings, haha! Yes, well, I was your guide, but at the time I didn’t see it.

AM: however, it was very clear how you followed the path of learning in school, first, the effort to be good with grades, the power it gave you to differentiate yourself from others, and how to reduce aggressions considerably.

Me: And understanding that decisions had to be made for me. That’s how I decided to leave the Electronic Engineering career to study Aviation, even though my father had already thought of having his son being an engineer and fixing the numerical control lathes he had bought for his company. Then came the career of International Trade, and start working in another company, out of my father’s wing. After finishing this career, I was determined to assist to a Master in Business Administration, very fashionable in Buenos Aires for those who wanted to do a postgraduate degree, so I sought that the company where I worked could pay me.

As the company refused to do so, I sold the car I had at that time, and paid part of the Master, and for more than a year I had to travel by bus from my house to the company, in the afternoon, from the company to the University, and at night back to the house.

So, when I finished my Master, I went to my boss’s office and I told him: I got a Master degree that I did myself, without the help of this company, where nobody has done a Postgraduate Degree as I have, and I want to know if this will be recognized with a better position, because otherwise I’m leaving.

AM: And at that moment your ego was at its peak.

Me: It is that the Aquarian in me, together with my Gemini moon, could not cope with the fact that I was not recognized for what I was worth. That’s how a couple of months later I was leaving this company to be responsible for the entire Foreign Trade area in an American company.

I feel like my ego strengthens my strengths even more and makes my weaknesses go unnoticed.

AM: it is positive that the ego strengthens you, but that it is your whole self, that is, your strengths and your weaknesses. It is no good showing your strengths to others and hiding your weaknesses, because that is where the imbalance lies. You are not showing yourself as you are, and therefore you are not acting in coherence. It may have served you in the past to limit aggressions towards you, but that’s in the past, and you don’t need it here and now.

Me: I have understood this in a very positive way during this year because integrity is achieved by being able to incorporate all aspects of myself.

AM: and the ego is a very useful tool, and being aware of using each and every one of the other tools at your disposal, will allow you to be that balanced and coherent being that your ego needs to follow this path of I Am.

I invite everyone to watch the video of Matias explaining the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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