Leo – Emotional – Root: FEAR

All human beings feel fear, from deep sensations to the most superfluous ones. The fear of losing a beloved being, of dying, of living a miserable life, of subsisting in poverty, of having gray hair or not having hair. Fears are part of that battery of elements that the human being counts on to be able to survive in the life he is living.

It is very common nowadays, and in most of the present cultures, to hide the fear, and show only the strengths of the being, the smile and the evolution achieved, especially seeing the images that are posted on social networks, where we can glimpse beings that are close to perfection both in physical appearance and spiritual appearance. And they keep deep down, so that no one can even enter, in a chest with several padlocks, all the fears that flutter and that should not tarnish the precarious carcass they were able to put together, and that so much ephemeral happiness turns out to be.

However, how many misunderstandings and problems could be avoided if each one of us could show, explain and put into words what our fears are, and understand them, work on them and receive from others, by sharing them, alternatives to feel content and confident to go through our own life in a united and safe way.

I invite you to read Matías’ post with the concept of the day.


Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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