AM: When have you ever been curious about the history of your ancestors?

Me: I was always interested in knowing the history of my ancestors, in one way or another, but I was not aware of it, it was rather the stories I could hear from my grandparents. As a child, I paid attention to them and as I grew up, in my adolescence, because they were repetitive, I no longer paid the same attention as at the beginning. But everything was encompassed within the history of my grandparents, their parents and in some cases something of their grandparents, but not much more.

AM: it is precisely because the stories were passed on by word of mouth and depending on who tells it and who listens to it, it does not always end up being reliable information. However, there has been a change in the last few years

Me: yes, since I started listening to Matías, even before the I Am Path, he emphasized honoring our ancestors, internalizing ourselves with the information we could find, researching, talking to relatives, so that we could have an idea of where we come from to know ourselves better.

AM: although not everyone has the possibility of knowing the history of the ancestors through direct information, today there are many alternatives that can lead to find the history of the ancestors of each person, and whoever has the will, will always find what he/she wants.

Me: in my case, I started looking for my paternal surname, which is the one I always had the problem of not having any documentation, except for my great-grandmother’s and her marriage certificate, but nothing else, as I told in another post. But, at the same time, I began to investigate all the branches, to see what information I could get about it. I did not have much hope, because except for specific data that my parents gave me, and some other documentation, such as the birth certificate of my grandparents, there was not much more.

AM: but he who seeks, finds….

Me: yes. As soon as I started to search, information appeared that up to that moment, nobody knew about. For example, the parents of my great-grandmother from Calabria, who had left her back in 1900 in Cosenza with her grandmother, and they took a ship to Argentina, first stopped for a while in Rio de Janeiro, and had another daughter there, whose birth certificate I found on the web, but she died in Brazil shortly after her birth, and then they came to Buenos Aires. No one in the family had ever heard about this, for example.

AM: family stories

Me: to all this research, which gave me very pleasant results, I was also interested in the idea of investigating the etymological meaning, both of my names that were given to me by my parents, as well as all the surnames, let’s say, up to my great-great-grandparents. With this idea that our lives are marked by clues, that they are there in plain sight, but that we must discover them, I made the task of looking for the meaning to see if it corresponded with my life story.

AM: And you put together all the meanings of your first names and the surnames of your ancestors, even your great-great-grandparents, and you turned out to be:

«He who, with difficulty, from the sea, came from the center of the world and made his space bravely for the journey, as a man-at-arms and as a son of the wolf and the bear, founded the foundations so that on the hill he builds the fern hut, from a large branch cut from a tree, with a flat stone slab floor and falconer on top.»

Me: I found it shocking when I finished reading it. And touching.

AM: You could see that your story is there, in that sentence, because it marks conceptually what you are in your essence, and the values that are within you. You discovered a clue on this path of life. Many more are there for you to continue discovering.

I invite you to watch the video of Matias explaining the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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