AM: If there is something in which you feel you have been coherent throughout your life, it is in every choice made.

Me: yes, I feel comforted in thinking that every choice made for my path was taken by me, chosen by me, many times, in spite of my environment, others of course not so much, but I understand that everything done so far had to do with what I have decided, without feeling disappointed by anything.

AM: as we talked about, if we go to the etymology of the words we use, deception comes from the Latin deceptio, deceptionis (deception, fraud, feeling caused by a deception), a name formed with a suffix of action on the supine deceptum of the verb decipere (to deceive, mock, defraud, also to go astray), a verb that was originally a hunting term and meant to make a prey fall. In other words, we return to the subject of the expectations that human beings place on the things they do. And when this happens, and it does not turn out as expected, disappointment appears.

Me: it is something that I suppose has to do with that part of the essence that I have been able to understand, and for which it has not occurred to me to ask myself why this happens to me, or why I would not have chosen to do this other thing, or what would have become of me if at that moment I had decided such a thing.

AM: for this type of subject, you have not fallen into the expectation of the result, and this is because you have already worked on it in other lives this specific topic. You are experiencing many other concepts, because, as you well know, in all the lives of this third dimension, each being must experience what he/she has chosen before being born, so that after experiencing it, he/she can try to integrate it and transcend it.

Me: I have clearly understood it well following the path of the I Am and all that Matías has exposed.

AM: we all have the necessary elements to find the keys that Ghan and Matias present, the issue is that most of the people are so disconnected in their communication with their own I Am that it is difficult for them to even perceive that they can also do it. This does not detract from the recognition of the great action done by Matias so that many in this world can start this process.

Me: in my case, being able to have these conversations with you daily, allows me to feel coherent in my daily actions, to have my mind focused on continuing to progress on this path, always fulfilling my daily chores, but with total well-being of my being, because what I think is what I feel and what I do, and no matter the final result, being coherent with myself, I feel integral.

AM: and the vibration and energy that you emanate outwardly is different from a year ago. And it will continue to change in a process that will not stop. There will always be situations appearing and you will have to solve problems, choose the direction of how to continue and so on, because it is the path you have chosen, but in consciousness and balance, its transit is filled with light.

I invite you all to watch the explanatory video of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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