Leo – Physical – Crown: I AM THE PATH OF THE SPIRIT

Me: thinking about the topic of the day, it is incredible how the brain turns out to be the center of conflict regarding the reality we build.

I am: putting a part of our body as the center of conflict is giving it a lot of power, don’t you think? The brain is just another part of the body in this material plane, where its function is to transmit between the neurons that are in it the necessary electrical pulses so that the senses can be translated into a picture whose purpose is to be understood by the rest of the body, and act accordingly. This succession of pictures are located in different places of the body, which will act as a reservoir of images that will be useful at some point in our lives, and will help us to go through the situations to be experienced.

Me: I understood over time the importance of being aware of this fact. Said this, since it is the brain that builds our reality, working with ourselves, understanding and differentiating what the environment pressures us to think, say or believe, with respect to what we really think, say and believe, with coherence and awareness we can modify our reality.

AM: no doubt we can modify our reality. All philosophies talk about the importance of knowing ourselves, understanding ourselves, learning and incorporating all perspectives and finding our center to walk our path.

Me: but if it seems to be this way, why is it so difficult for society to modify the realities that are present today?

AM: because the brain constructs its own reality, but that is where its function ends. To be able to modify the reality that the brain has built, it is necessary to be able to incorporate the feelings and the will of the being itself. And there everything gets complicated

Me: I understand. And this is where incoherence and imbalance flow freely.

AM: the human being is born from the vulnerability of having to learn from scratch absolutely everything. Hence the care of parents, relatives when we are small, and the environment as we grow up. As sponges that we are in these early years, our brain accumulates an infinity of moments which it classifies according to the feelings that appeared in our interaction and this will condition our future actions.

Me: and many times, it is very difficult to get out of a harmful spiral.

AM: it is difficult to transcend what we choose to experience. That is why sometimes it takes many lifetimes to understand, integrate and then transcend a certain concept.

Me: can we have conscious and coherent societies?

AM: do not put expectations on others and continue working on your being, change your own reality to live in balance and coherence, and in the Universal mind it will represent that a fractal of it is on the path to place itself in the center of its own being.

I invite you all to see the explanation of the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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