Virgo – Mind – Plexus: I AM EMISSARY OF UNITY

AM: understanding that you have no way to be detached from everything, how do you carry out the action of detaching yourself in a conscious and balanced way from things?

Me: as far as the material issue is concerned, I do continuous work on it. I feel that I am in sync with my essence. I have very little interest in attachment to the clothes, things, or artifacts I wear, the things I have in the place where I live, the places I visit and where I stay, the lifestyle I lead. Now, sometimes I talk about this with my friends, or relatives, and they make a sardonic laugh because they take it as if this is not true. And they argue that my house has luxuries, that the places I visit around the world are fabulous, and some other things, which tends to throw me off, because I don’t really feel that it is.

AM: it’s part of other people’s perspective of yours. But this does not mean that the perspective of others is valid from your own coherence. Let’s analyze the question

Me: let’s see… I understand that you can tell me that what I express is not correct with my actions, because, from me I can say that my house is a normal place, nothing fancy, and suddenly, someone’s return is: but you live in an area of the city of Buenos Aires with high purchasing power. Your house covers absolutely all the basic needs, but also everything else. You are located among the population of high purchasing power in the country where you live, so you cannot say that you do not feel material attachment, otherwise you would live somewhere else in the city.

AM: having the useful tools to live well does not mean being attached to them, but to take advantage of what you have of being comfortable and do what that extra freedom gives you, because you do not have to worry, precisely, for the material, and makes you can focus on everything that others cannot even think of doing. Now, this is not so linear, because we know very well that money represents something important to you.

Me: that’s true, but you also know that it has more to do with having the security of having what you need in the face of any economic problem that may arise in a country as volatile as the one I live in. It was always very frustrating for me to see my father, for example, like so many other small businessmen, trying to develop companies in the country that, in situations of constant devaluations, unstable economic rules, change of rules, suddenly lost everything they had done for years, and with no way to recover even part of what they had built. It is hard not to be attached if suddenly everything you try to do is suddenly taken away from you and you are left without even a livelihood to continue living.

AM: obviously it is not good to see how everything that has been done for a long time is suddenly destroyed, but you also understand that it is part of what those who came here and now to this country have chosen, and they experience what they have to experience according to their choice, just as others will have other experiences according to what they have chosen to live their lives. This is not to say that what happens is right or wrong, it is only the choice of each being to walk their own path. But it is a reason why this theme is embedded in you.

Me: Exactly. I don’t take it as an attachment issue related to the need to have it, but as a security tool. And everything related to material objects, they are the tools to be able to use them. Now, I have no need to live in a house with all the luxuries, with the most expensive materials. I don’t need to go on vacation and stay in a 5 stars hotel, with all the luxuries, it’s not my style. That wastefulness is even offensive to me because I don’t think anyone needs that level of living. It makes me sick to see all those who claim to be enlightened and professing the new spiritual ideologies, living like kings. If material detachment is important, if it is ok to use the material tools to continue with the path whose purpose we propose, is it not preferable, instead of spending all that money to live with the highest level, to use part of that money to help other people to find that path? Because they can do the same thing they are doing, spending half of what they are spending.

AM: obviously they don’t see their perspective from your perspective. In fact, there are always going to be different positions on this, and whoever lives that way, if they feel it is consistent with what they profess, for that person it will be fine, and for you it will not. It will be your responsibility to be able to accept or not what their actions generate, and it will be up to you to incorporate what is good for you, and to discard and not incorporate what you feel is wrong.

I invite you to watch the video of Matías talking about the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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