Virgo – Mind – Sacral: I AM EMISSARY OF CREATION

AM: let’s start today with the creations you have made in your life.

Me: speaking this kind of concepts I like, because obviously there is a part of valuation when I talk about what I have created in my life. Besides having formed my family, having had the pleasure of being part of the creation of my two children, wonderful beings that I have the joy of sharing this path of life. Then, I have written several poems, my thesis in professional careers, I have written lyrics with songs known to people I love, with lyrics that speak of the essence of those people, I am writing a book with the history of my ancestors, I am writing day by day this blog ….

AM: and your frustrations? Knowing that they are fuel for your creations, and, also that frustrations are there, and it is impossible for them to disappear, which are the ones that affect you the most?

Me: I feel as a fundamental frustration to belong to the human species and that most of it is so incoherent, so unbalanced, so unconscious, so unworthy of belonging to a group that boasts of being intelligent and that destroys everything around it, planting the flag of feeling the owner and master of everything it touches.

AM: good frustration that you have, and that, unfortunately, you will continue to have throughout this path of life. It is difficult for human beings to change so quickly and start acting in the way you feel should be, which is not utopian, but very complicated to happen.

Me: I understand that mistakes, unconsciousness are usually the way to learn, but everything is so distorted, so much incoherence in the daily acts of everyone, without exception, that it is very difficult for me to be indifferent and follow my path only as a spectator.

AM: but you are not being a spectator, because you are expressing it here, in this blog, and surely there will be many readers seeing the same perspective. Others surely not, but this is what the WHOLE shows us.

Me: and I feel this frustration as fuel to write and work my being from another side, because I do not feel alien to what I say, and I try to be consistent with my actions, and from there I can see the inconsistencies of the environment, of the people I read and follow, to also understand that each of them have inconsistencies, they are as errant as I am, and therefore, they are also part of human beings, and therefore, they are not people to be followed blindly, but knowing and elevating the good things they do, and discarding the inconsistencies in which they move.

AM: it is a good way to transcend that which frustrates you in an action that not only helps you to evolve but can be a different perspective for those who come to read you and an option to take into account for their own way of thinking.

I invite you all to watch the video of Matias explaining the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

3 comentarios en «Virgo – Mind – Sacral: I AM EMISSARY OF CREATION»

  1. Claudio, estimado socio de la red, muchas gracias por alentarne a compartir mi visión en tu espacio.
    Comentó el vídeo de Mati
    ‘El tomate podrido pudre al resto’ Por lo tanto, que no se confunda a la frustración con su mascarada, intentando mezclarse con tomate de logros.
    Identifica el tomate podrido, y que decante a tierra para alimentar sus semillas. Reconoce siempre semillas latentes en toda pudrición que cargas, y cágalas!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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