Virgo – Mind – Knees: I AM EMISSARY OF WISE MEN

Me: You know I never literally incorporated the word «advance» as a concept. I always considered moving forward as walking towards where I was going, and not as a philosophy of life. Different turned out to be the concept of progressing, evolving, which does resonate in my essence.

AM: To progress means to move forward, which turns out to have the same meaning as to advance, while evolution comes from the Latin (evolutio) used to designate the process by which a species passes from one state to another, that is, it evolves by adapting to the environment that harbors it.

Me: the need to move in order not to stay still and therefore, not to move the energies of our body, it is clear to me that it is very necessary to be able to experience our path of life. Now, it is not very clear to me how conscious we human beings are in the evolution that we make in our spiritual path.

AM: And why do you think this?

Me: well, because if most human beings act in an unconscious way most of the time, being led like tame herds to where a few decide to go, and without going through a path of learning to balance and coherence of being, their evolution is null.

AM: the universe is not interested in the evolution of the human species, it only generates the energetic movements that make the vibrations and the energetic ocean interact, transferring this energy to compensate itself at some point or to expand or concentrate, depending on the moment, so it does not care about human evolution.

Me: it is a little bit offensive

AM: you are seeing it from the perspective that the universe is a human being, with its moral values and the creation of its own reality, and you are projecting it when you know very well that this is not how the Universe works.

Me: it is like that, what happens is that it is nonsense to experience in this third dimension here and now thinking in this way, that is, we are here for a reason.

AM: Precisely, to experience the here and now. You are at the right time, on the right planet, in the right part of the galaxy, and you have evolved as a species precisely to experience it. And it is wonderful that you are able to do so, and you should be very grateful and blessed for this opportunity that is presented to you. If all humans could see it from this perspective, they would surely act with much more coherence and balance, for out of billions of vibrations and energies, only a privileged few are in this third dimension, evolving and learning from a breath, for a few decades of life represents nothing to the Universe. So, enjoy your breath of life in this third dimension.

I invite you all to watch the video with the explanation of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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