Virgo – Emotional – Throat: I AM SPARK OF CLARITY

AM: knowing that your loquacity and speed of response, in certain cases, go beyond a coherent answer for the moment you are living, the concept of expressing is not a complicated issue for you.

Me: no. I have had problems in my way of expressing what I wanted to explain, many times in an explosive way, misunderstandings in relation to where my explanation was going, ending up in a discussion that had nothing to do with the origin of the problem. But I learned to separate the issues in a conversation, focus specifically on what the point of confrontation is, and try to be as explicit as possible with what my essence dictates to me. It is a continuous work, and I managed to do it especially in this last year, with all the tools that Matias and his Higher Self, Ghan, gave us during this period.

AM: you have wisely learned to understand how to work on your excesses or imbalances, especially in your expression, appeasing your loquacity and irreverence, to be more explanatory of what your inner self needed to express, and the result was totally different.

Me: it was like this. And my surprise was great when I understood how much better it was for me to be able to speak from my inner self, expressing what I felt, with the same loquacity, but also listening and understanding the position of my counterpart, and accepting many times that I was observing the situation in the wrong way, or that I was not really understanding what the other person was telling me, because I was only focused on myself.

AM: and that is where being balanced enough to balance my expression with the external one comes in, and in that balance to understand what the other person may feel about a particular situation, and if it is different from your position, to reach an instance where both can understand the other person’s position and share a mutually beneficial solution.

Me: I was never a person of having to win every battle, as my essence is not fire, so, being earthy and flexible, it was always paramount for me, to be balanced in the outcome of a conflict, unless I felt an aggressive attack towards me. All this year I was able to understand that part of that aggressive attack that I felt I was receiving, was not such, and in those cases, I began to work on it and to understand that it was an internal issue that I had to polish, and so I did.

AM: it is important to recognize that we also have actions to work on, to understand why we do it, and to accept them, knowing that they are in our being, but that we can use them as fuel to activate the change that we must make to reach the balance that our purpose tells us.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video explaining the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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