Virgo – Emotional – Ankles: I AM THE SPARK THAT GUIDES

AM: And what are you looking for?

Me: here and now I seek to be able to feel at peace with myself, to leave my written bases so that my descendants can find them and if they want or need them, be there by their side, and to be able to transcend everything for which I have chosen to come and walk this path of life.

AM: such a quest to transcend all that you have come for, but your will is there to achieve it! And what does it mean to be calm?

Me: it means to stop being aware at all times of what my loved ones need, and to assist them to be well. I keep questioning myself for not being up to the circumstances when there is a possibility that I can help them, give them tools, or whatever, so that they can be well, be happy, achieve their purposes?

AM: very dependent on your own choices, purposes and meaning in life. You do not have, and you will never be able to assist everyone in everything they need, because you are not them, and they have to go through each of their steps by themselves, and not by yours.

Me: it’s the same as always. I understand it quickly in my mind, I accept it, but the actions are usually something different than the static of watching them walk their way.

AM: the point is that you don’t stay static. Actions or inactions will always represent information in others, and therefore, they will be indicating something about you. It is not the point to remain still in everything that others do, because then, you would not be doing anything for yourself either. The point is not to be attached to your loved ones and to free them and yourself from that attachment. Only death frees you from all attachment, you know that. And while you may not have gone through a situation that led you to that degree of experience, there were hints at some point in your life.

Me: When I was diagnosed with a tumor in my intestine, I didn’t live it as a matter of life or death, because I denied that something like death could happen to me. This thing of being positive, not thinking about things that could be bad for me, the issue of survival, did not allow me to take it consciously. Besides, everything went so fast from the time I was diagnosed until I had the surgery, that in no more than 3 weeks, I already had about 40 cm less intestine.

AM: it was the tool to get you through a complicated time for you. You had to live it that way. But you were also going to integrate it at some point.

Me: it happened almost a year later, when I realized what had happened to me and what I had lived through. There I realized that it had been fantastic how I had gone through this situation, but also that, if that had been the end of this chosen life, I still had a lot to work on, experience, integrate and transcend many concepts that were still pending.

AM: everything changed in your rational, schematic, and programmed mind, and everything that had been essential to build that shield of defense and combat had cracked and was no longer so safe for you.

Me: determined an imbalance that I had to go through to realize, with time and circumstances, that I had to open my eyes, be aware and accept internal issues that I had unresolved, and thus, redefine concepts, and understand them and be responsible for my actions.

AM: because it was what you had to experience, in order to get there. It was the repressed emotions that led your physical body to tell you: this is as far as we get if you transit this path without realizing that this is not the way to go through it. And that is how you had to take responsibility for everything that you did not want to see, thinking that this way everything would be solved.

Me: I understand it today, yes.

AM: every experience is a teaching, and every search is a tool to find what we have hidden, that we need to make emerge, recognize, accept, integrate in our being, and transcend it. It is usually a long and winding road, but the choice made is based on the fact, that we can all walk it.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video explaining the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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