Virgo – Physical – Sacral: PROCESS

At the beginning of life, the human being is immersed in the processes of shaping the body, fully dependent on his human and sensory environment. He thus begins his journey on our planet Earth in such a way that his behavior constantly shows what he wants and what he does not want to do.

Development up to the age of majority does not proceed in a linear fashion, but in different phases with their respective possibilities and crises. The second dentition and sexual maturity are two major events, which constitute milestones and transformations in development, including in body configuration. There is a first period before the second dentition, which is the toddler stage; a second period from the second dentition to sexual maturity, which coincides with the elementary school age; and the stage from sexual maturity to adulthood, which represents adolescence. However, one should not fall into a rigid schematism.

The anthropologist Rudolf Steiner, found in the human being three different functional systems: In the so-called metabolic-motor sphere our motricity develops. Every movement is the bodily expression of the will. The rhythmic system – breathing and blood circulation – is the bodily expression of the human being’s capacity for feelings and experiences. Fear, joy, pain, etc. are translated into the breath and pulse. The neuro-sensory system, the pole of consciousness itself, whose center is in the head (the brain), is related to cognitive activity.

Only when these three systems interact as a whole, the human being is healthy.

I invite you to read Matías’ post with the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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