Virgo – Physical – Root: I AM GRID OF CREATIONS

AM: we know that you do not consider that you are surrounded by traumas, but there are certain traits in you that make others consider that you have them.

Me: that which has to do with order, programming, or planning, complying with the schedule, for example. Also, the cleaning of my pool, for example. I spend hours removing leaves, or anything that gets into the water. I have a palm tree that throws an infinite number of particles that fall in the wind, and I, every day, from September to May, taking everything out.

AM: knowing that the next day there will be things in the water again.

Me: I take it as therapy. As I take out the particles, my mind quiets down, relaxes, and this need to clean, ends up resulting in something positive.

AM: you transform it into positive energy and give it a use.

Me: every small frustration, small traumas, I transform them so that they have a different meaning than what they represent to me in principle.

AM: it is the way to not allow them to represent a real problem in this path of life. Traumas usually overshadow moments in human beings that should be productive, or that may represent a feeling of stagnation for not being able to get out of a situation that ends up being a suffering and a stagnation of that person.

Me: sometimes it happens to me, with specific situations, that I reach a point that, in the maelstrom itself, I question why I am acting or thinking in a way that I am heading to implode and feel traumatized by the situation. Driving in the city of Buenos Aires, for example. I love driving, but it bothers me too much that society, as a whole, drives badly. Very few people follow all the traffic rules. So, I usually avoid driving and travel by train, or subway, or bus. In this way, I protect myself and at the same time, I drive when I travel in the interior of Argentina, or when I go to other countries.

AM: because they are ways to avoid going to a trauma, and this helps to avoid having to experience them.

Me: equally, it has been very clarifying for me and I could incorporate in a more powerful way what Matías and Ghan present in their conversation of the day, because the idea of generating the source of energy so that everything that we consider negative, that sinks us or that stagnates us, is used as the compost and food that gives us that energy to transform all that into that fuel that helps us to travel in a better way our path.

AM: because the internal energy is the only one that will allow us to transcend those traumas into useful tools to keep moving on this path of life.

I invite you all to watch the video of Matías explaining the concept of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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