AM: What does the concept of perdition represent to you?

Me: For a start, my first perspective is that something or a situation rot, it ceases to have the essence that represents it. Therefore, it is lost, it ceases to be what it was meant to be, and that brings with it multiple problems.

AM: something that was incorporated as a pattern since your childhood.

Me: and that is incorporated into the way of thinking, not only by the environment but also by society itself. When I was a child, the one who thought all the time about sex, the girl who had relationships with several men, the young man who did not want to pursue a university career, young people in general for older people, who saw that they did not have a work and family behavior, were considered a perdition, and that’s the way I grew up.

AM: and for you it was like that?

Me: It was a belief, and therefore, sexuality I lived it partly with a lot of guilt. My essence of breaking patterns did not let me feel so much guilt, and therefore I oscillated between one extreme and the other.

AM: because of your lack of security and anchoring in your essence.

Me: something that is difficult to achieve until you get older. Today I see all that as a pattern that is there, but which mutated in its way of seeing what perdition means. That a food rots is good for the fertilizer of new plants that will be able to grow in a much better way, so, everything that before I could think that it was a perdition, today I leave the place of judging an action, I ask myself what my essence indicates, and then, I have the option to choose if I act or not that action based on what my essence dictates, and I assume that responsibility.

AM: and where morality takes an important weight in the decisions to be taken.

Me: I find it complicated, obviously. Because morality is in everything. But I also understand it is necessary to be able to better analyze certain limits that perhaps it is good to be able to use them, given that, in every action, in addition to having a reaction, it also influences how it reaches the environment, and it is important to put in that balance how that action may affect us in our interior what that action has affected those who are around us and who matter to us.

AM: the delicate balance between the being and its environment, which is only achieved by being in coherence, balance, and harmony of being.

Me: and that, as I often say, cannot always be easily achieved.

AM: and what is the supposed perdition that affects you today?

Me: that of the human being in taking care of our mother Gaia. I can’t find a happy ending to it, and I get more and more disappointed every day to see our leaders, the common people, being so unaware of the destruction we do to the environment and how little it matters. It makes me sick, and I even tend to become obfuscated, something I want to change, because my perspective towards the future, being the way we are today, is not good for me.

AM: if each human being takes responsibility for his own actions, humanity will be able to walk towards what it has come to work for as a whole: to be able to take care of the world that accepted it to walk this path of life.

I invite you all to watch the video of Matías with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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