Sagittarius – Physical – Root: I AM THE SKY WITH ITS STARS

AM: we arrive at the root chakra of our planet represented by the African continent.

Me: a unique continent, to which I have a special affection and great connection, not only for what this chakra represents to me personally, but also for the theme of injustice regarding what part of human beings have done in what refers to the degradation and humiliation of those ethnic groups that turned out to be where our species originated, and yet, centuries later, those beings who considered themselves evolved, branded them as sub species and abused, traded and treated in the most derogatory way possible to their peers, just because of their skin color.

AM: not very pleasant and very inhuman situations, coming from people who considered themselves well human, and who marked the history of the last centuries of humanity.

Me: and that, in many cases, continues today. Living in a third world country, as it is usually called to all those countries that have not reached a higher level of development, as they have today USA, Western Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and China is joining, in a way, for its great growth in recent decades, all of us who live in these developing countries have been marked as lacking something, for not having that standard of living, for not having technological development, weapons, satellites in space, high GDP, and everything that makes them be in the select top group and differentiated from the rest, categorizing societies based on these achievements, and not others.

AM: competition, leadership, colonization, strength, imperialism. Useful concepts for certain moments, and very harmful to keep them permanently.

Me: And in my case, I have been able to experience this continent in a limited way since the only country I have visited has been South Africa. And more precisely, Cape Town

AM: we are talking about the most developed country of the continent and the most cosmopolitan city, like the western cities of the first world.

Me: the city is beautiful. Located in the south of the continent, between the Atlantic and Indian oceans, the tip vibrates with the union of both bodies of water. In addition, the mountains that surround it, the green and lush vegetation due to the humidity brought by the sea makes its lands fertile and very different from the steppes and deserts of the north.

AM: and its people are also very diverse

Me: living together, controlled yes by security, but where it is possible to move around the city in a quite freeway, very different from what happens in cities like Johannesburg, dangerous for foreigners.

AM: And what did it allow you to see of the continent and the root chakra?

Me: as in other places, the kindness of the people. In every corner of the planet where I have been I have been able to observe the different races and how we all behave in the same way. With their own customs, idioms, but with the same essence. I have had a very good connection, and special sympathy with people of color, because the way to get to know people is by talking and trying to put aside the preconceptions that we all have stuck to our thoughts, and that are harmful both to understand the other and to learn and expand our own perspective.

AM: to let go of built-in patterns, and to be tolerant of others who have other built-in patterns. Without opening ourselves to show ourselves as we are, it is impossible to connect with others. Hence the importance of showing our essence. Then everything will be easier

Me: I have enjoyed every moment there. I know that I have yet to travel, and it is in my will to be able to reach some more countries, we will see what my path has in store for me.

AM: out of what you have left, consider what you have done, and above all, that your connection with each of your chakras makes you also connected with each continent of our mother Gaia.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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