Capricorn – Mental – Third Eye: CORRESPONDENCE

The Law of Correspondence has endless applications. For example: considering in a man the physical body as the «below» and his mind as the «above» we say: «as is the thought of a man so is his body». It can be: «healthy mind in healthy body», or sick body as a manifestation of distorted thoughts. Fortunately, in the teachings of Hermes «the thrice wise» the disease comes hand in hand with the remedy: «Change your thinking and you will heal your body».

It is evident that in a man there are visible and invisible aspects. We can all feel the physical body, but there is no way to see or touch a thought. We can only deduce that it exists by the effects it produces.

Your external world of relationships will be determined by the person within you; that is, by your true inner personality. Your health will be shaped by your inner mental attitudes. Your outer world of economic achievement and income will be matched by your inner world of thought and preparation. The way people respond and react to you will reflect your attitude and behavior toward them.

The way you conduct yourself will always correspond with your state of mind. When you feel positive, confident and believe you are in control of your life, your home and workplace will be well organized. If you are overwhelmed, frustrated or unhappy at work, then your home, your workplace and even the closet where you keep your things will reflect the state of clutter and confusion that you are in. Everywhere you go you can perceive the effects of this law of correspondence.

In the human body everything is mind. Every cell is intelligent and stores the information that corresponds to it. Moreover, it can communicate instantaneously with the other cells. These capabilities are real, but we cannot see or touch them. For example: we stub our big toe and immediately the nervous system and the brain know about it. As a result, the stubbed toe receives the right dose of what it needs to heal the wound and fight a possible infection.

Everything manifests from the inside out. The big mistake many people make is that they are more about doing than being. They think they can get the things they want by practicing certain methods and techniques. In the end they realize that proper practice is necessary but not sufficient.

I invite you to read Matias’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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