Capricorn – Mental – Third Eye: I AM THE STAIR OF CONSCIOUSNESS

AM: How are you handling the concept of correspondence?

Me: it has been a concept that I have had to understand well in order to incorporate it in my thinking, and to modify my own actions to modify certain situations that arise.

AM: situations that arise, it is a confusing expression. Situations are going to present themselves, if they have to present themselves, that is, if you try to change your thinking to full brightness and light, it does not mean that certain situations are not going to present themselves because you think beautifully.

Me: yes, that’s correct. I didn’t express this thinking it might confuse how I really feel. It often happens to me that I say something using certain words, and whoever hears it interprets it in a very different way from what my being, or essence feels, and it leads to confusion. I must be more accurate with the words I use.

AM: this is a very strong trait in human beings. In everyone. They talk one way, and many times their essence is not reflected in those sayings. Most of the time, the limited vocabulary, not really understanding the meaning of the words, makes the speaker or the listener to be on different levels, and the consequence is that they do not understand each other, even if they speak the same language.

Me: I have noticed this, and more and more every day. Even with myself, in which I do not really express myself with the right words, I emphasize in a way that my essence is not represented. But returning to the concept of correspondence, the actions that I have been modifying have to do with this of being centered, in coherence, in axis with my essence, so that everything that is presented, I can work it and live it as learning, understanding, and integrating all that I have learned to transcend it. Whatever must happen, will happen, but by working it with awareness, I do feel that the coming and going of what comes to me is more harmonious, less shocking, less hard, and more balanced, more fluid. I do not feel that I have come to this life to suffer. I have suffered at certain times, of course. But that is not the purpose of being here. The purpose is to learn, to integrate and transcend. It is to evolve.

AM: an interesting way to follow your path. I am not going to tell you that there are specific recipes to be able to reach transcendence, without considering your own essence, and considering what you have come here and now to learn and how you live your own path. But I must say that it is a good way to anchor Claudio with your essence, that goes far beyond yourself here and now, and that definitely allows your essence, me, to continue experiencing, learning, integrating, and transcending the true self that exists in you, and in me!

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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