AM: at what level is your vibration?

Me: haha. You know what I am going to answer you.

AM: tell me in words

Me: I don’t have the slightest idea! You know that I compare myself with other beings, and sometimes it amuses me, sometimes it angers me, sometimes I try to understand how others know with such certainty what inner vibration they have, emanate, and receive, and I perceive that I have such an ignorance and disorientation, in this respect, that I would not know what to answer.

AM: honesty is always the right answer. You have no idea in what level you vibrate, you try to raise the vibration thinking sometimes that it is low, and if it is not low, keep raising the level because you suppose that the highest vibration is where the special, superior, elevated, unique beings are, and many of those who feel they are semi gods, spiritual leaders, messiahs, mass controllers, express that they are at a level of vibration above the rest, and therefore, consequently, they should be venerated, and their followers do indeed do so.

Me: and they are really at that vibrational level.

AM: who is at a high vibrational level does not need to show it to anyone. He lives his life under the direction of his essence and does not show what he does. Maybe his own light can transcend borders, maybe others appeal to his wisdom and guidance, but no one who is at that level promotes, shows in networks, or in temples, or wherever, his level to others. This is something of his own, and that is combined with his balance, coherence of being, harmony, and where most of his actions have already transcended, and of course he is in another level of consciousness.

Me: sometimes it makes me feel frustrated to perceive that other people talk and show that they are indeed in another vibrational level, and it seems that they are sending to their faithful followers the cooking recipe to get there. But they don’t consider what work each one has come to do on their own path, what tools they need to do it, and how to be able to integrate and transcend each one.

AM: there are no magic recipes, nor a single method to understand, integrate and transcend. There are many beings with a great teaching vocation and good faith in what they do. Sometimes they cannot put aside their own ego, sometimes they ruin their good intention, sometimes they profit from the goodness of others, sometimes they unconsciously demonize their faithful followers, but this, my friend, is something that each one must work on and become aware of.

Me: but is it really good to direct myself or think about raising my vibrational level to evolve as a being?

AM: in the Universe there is nothing good or bad. The same happens with vibration. There is no such thing as a high vibration to reach and a low vibration to denigrate. To vibrate is to vibrate and everything in the Universe vibrates differently. At different frequencies. At different rates. But everything, absolutely everything, makes the Universe and the Whole. Therefore, how to deny or leave the low vibration if you want to be part of the Whole?

Me: this is the noise that comes to me when we talk about this concept. To deny something is to cover it up, not to recognize it, not to recognize it, not to work it, therefore, not to experience it, and very possibly, even if I am determined to be in high vibration all the time, and to think that I am and I am a being of high vibration, the reality may be different.

AM: of course! It is like everything you come to do. If you, do it consciously and with a coherent and balanced understanding of each concept, you will be able to experience, integrate and transcend it in time. But if you don’t, the Universe will bring it to you again and again, until you can understand.

Me: but it is not wrong to try to live in a higher vibration, isn’t it?

AM: it is not wrong or right. It is. This means that it can help you as a tool to face certain situations in a perhaps more practical way, less suffering, although it should be clarified that this will not mean that it is so. Each human being is unique, he comes to make his own experience and work in this life, and there is no way to copy exactly what someone else came here to do and be successful, because you know that nothing of what we come to work can be copied. It is unique. And everybody has to make their own way. Nobody has to tell you how to do it. For whom you must listen to is your own essence.

Me: by reaching my essence I am in the right vibration.

AM: and thus, you will be in the optimal vibration to walk this path of life.

I invite you to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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