Capricorn – Mental – Throat: VIBRATION

The essence of matter is separability, as that of spirit is unity, and when both arise from the One, like the cream of milk, the reflection of the omnipresence of that One in the multiplicity of matter, is incessant and infinite motion, for absolute motion – the presence of every unit in motion at every point of space at every moment of time – is identical with rest, though rest from another point of view, from that of matter, instead of from the point of view of Spirit. This regular motion gives rise to corresponding movements, to vibrations in the matter which envelops it, for each Jivatman, or separate unit of consciousness, is isolated by a covering of matter from all other Jivatmans.

This lining of matter, as it vibrates, communicates its vibrations to the matter surrounding it, which becomes the conducting medium of the vibrations, and this medium in turn communicates the impulse of the vibration to the matter enclosing another Jivatman, causing this unit of consciousness to vibrate in the same manner as the first. In this series of vibrations – which begin in a consciousness, in the enclosing body, which are communicated by this body to the surrounding medium, which transmits them to another body and by this second body to the enclosing consciousness – we have the chain of vibrations by the means of which the one knows the other. The second knows the first because it reproduces the first in itself and thus experiences what it experiences.

But, however, with a difference, for our second Jivatman was already in vibration, and his state of motion, after receiving the impulse of the first, is not a simple repetition of that impulse, but a combination of his own original motion with that imposed upon him from without and is therefore not a perfect reproduction: he obtains more and more approximate resemblances, but the identity always escapes us. This sequence of vibratory acts is often seen in nature. A flame is a vibratory center of activity in the ether, called by us heat; these vibrations or calorific waves commute the surrounding ether into similar waves, and its particles vibrate under the impulse, and thus the iron is heated and becomes in turn a source of heat.

This is how a series of vibrations passes from one Jivatman to another and how all beings are related by this network of consciousness. Similarly, too, in physical nature we point to different degrees of vibration by different names, calling one series light, another heat, another electricity, another sound; and so on; yet they are all of the same nature; they are all modes of motion in the ether, and differ only in degrees of velocity corresponding to differences of density in the ether.

Will, Feeling, and Thought are of the same nature, and differ in their phenomena only by the difference in their respective degrees of velocity and the relative subtlety of the medium. The specific difference of Thought is that its waves form images – as is the case with the light-waves here below – and it is not without significance that the same word «reflection» is employed equally in the results of the wave-motion of Thought and that of light. There is a series of vibrations in a special kind of matter and within a certain degree of velocity, to which we give the name of thought vibrations.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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