Capricorn – Mental – Root: I AM EVERY STEP OF MY EXPERIENCE

AM: beautiful concept to work on today

Me: and debatable

AM: for you everything is debatable! But tell me why you are making that statement today

Me: I tried to express it well in the concept post: our species is the only one that can generate with consciousness in its life path. And as Matias well exposed in his post talking with his I am, that the law of Generation is the action of giving birth, giving birth to something new with the sole purpose of replicating and returning to the Origin, home, analyzing what the human being has done throughout its history, there have been countless achievements, has generated multiple actions that have led him to evolve, and also has committed countless abuses, injustices, destructions, killings, leaving millions of people in thresholds of hunger, misery, slavery, racism. So many bad things that caused, and still today continue to cause suffering in many beings, that it is not clear if the human being is really going to the origin.

AM: at the origin, at home, is the ALL. And that means everything. There is not everything good, and in a garbage can, everything bad. There is everything. You know that there are no morals in the Universe that judge the good in one way and the bad in another. You know that there are laws, and that they always apply. And it is those laws that will determine the consequences of actions. Everything is there clearly established, although the mind of man, infinitely universal, may seem to end up complicating the simplicity of the operation of those laws, because he applies his own morals to try to explain everything, and instead of understanding the basic meaning of what he must do, he confuses what the essence dictates, and philosophizes applying all kinds of gimmicks to convince himself and others, of how things should be done. And there enter the distortions by one’s own perceptions, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and that mixture in turn generates other opinions, other perspectives, and further enlarges the maelstrom of complications.

Me: a disaster!

AM: the opposite! If you pay attention, I used the verb «to generate» in what I said above. The human being is a species that generates continuously, and all that process also represents what it generates. And that generation mutates, adds, creates, and that action helps to expand the concepts, to see them differently, to create new ideas, and all this helps to replicate itself with the purpose of returning to the Origin of everything, to return home. The point here is that there are also the rest of the laws that also work together, and that replicate each one of the actions that are generated, that are created, and that also have consequences.

Me: Of course. We can generate whatever comes to mind, but if that action is not generated in consciousness, in coherence of being, the consequence will replicate generating a reaction to that action.

AM: exactly. Therein lies the question in relation to many of the unfortunate situations that humans have experienced by acting unconsciously and in imbalance, incoherence. Not because of what they generate, but how they generate it.

Me: and living in the degree of unconsciousness that society lives today, that is to say, most human beings, allowing a few to be the ones who lead an entire country, for example, and allowing their leaders to be so unconscious and incoherent in their decision making, that it is clear that the consequences of this will not be at all beneficial for the society that elected them.

AM: is part of that strategy of dulling and convincing a mass of people with a high degree of unconsciousness to follow a path where the focus is on reaching a situation of apparent welfare, making them believe that this is the only way to reach happiness, a concept that we know, they use as a gimmick to make them assume that they can live eternally in that state.

Me: and that is why they have them all numb and in continuous search for more things, because they can never reach that state of total happiness.

AM: they put the carrot in front of the donkey, and no matter how much he wants to, he never reaches it. That is how the donkey pulls the cart, and that is how its owner makes it work hard, until, when he wants, he gives it only a portion of that carrot, so that it can then continue doing what the owner wants.

Me: dismal scenario

AM: is the present scenario today. And you, what are you generating to change this scenario?

Me: for the time being, this blog. The fundamental purpose is that each one of the beings can work on these concepts with their own being, understand them, integrate them, and glimpse what their own essences dictate to them.

AM: an action that will have its consequences.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being!

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