Capricorn – Emotional – Crown: I AM THE HOME OF THE SPIRIT

AM: we are dealing with a delicate subject, the reason

Me: it is a delicate subject. I have an ingrained pattern from all my ancestors, from my parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, where stubbornness and the issue of being right for every single thing you thought or did, was very present in all kinds of situations.

AM: You are focused in this conversation on who was right in certain circumstances.

Me: I visualize this concept, and moments appear in which I listened to conversations between my father and his father, my grandfather, where one told the other that he was stubborn because he did not listen, and wanted to be right about something, and he was not. Or the arguments, sometimes banal, between my grandparents, over some issue in which each one said he was right. And where they didn’t get into an argument that went beyond any kind of misplaced situation, but sometimes they ended up not talking to each other for a while, because they were really angry.

AM: they did not reach an agreement, and that generated frustration and disengagement.

Me: there was no listening. And there was no reasoning either. Each one was planted in his own perception, and no matter how many explanations were given, there was no way. Nobody loosened up.

AM: it seems to be more a matter of pride than of understanding.

Me: there was a lot of that too. And of not being wrong. If one was in opposites with something, if one accepted what the other said, it was a triumph for one and a defeat for the other. The victor, therefore, was right, and the other was wrong. And the error was marked. Hence, sometimes the non-recognition was a way of not giving in.

AM: and it marked you as a child, and even today there are traces of that pattern.

Me: Yes. I try. I try to modify the pattern. I understand it. I make it conscious. But it comes very naturally. I find it hard to accept an error in reasoning. I feel powerful when I reason, I feel sure of what I conclude. But sometimes I am wrong, and there appears this thing of denying in principle that I may have been wrong, I try to be right, I try to find some way that can give me, even if it is a possibility of being right, and I do it automatically, and quickly, which makes me feel that I already have it so ingrained, that then I think it is very difficult for me to modify it.

AM: let’s see. It’s hard for you to change it. I know because I am here with you. But I also find a change in your evolution following the path of the I Am. You do it, you know it, and you are quite conscious of it. You try, I know, to modify your way of handling a situation in which you realize that you are not right, and you are no longer stubborn to keep banging your head against the wall for the pride of not showing others that you were wrong. You have started to shut up at a certain point, you have even acknowledged your misconceptions, you have apologized, sometimes you even laugh at your mistakes and express it. There are several changes, although there are also times when you sprout the pattern. But it is less. And if you keep working, it will be even better

Me: I know. I do. I don’t put pressure on myself to stop acting this way. It doesn’t do me any good to pressure myself. It doesn’t help me to change it. I understand that I have this pattern. When I act stubborn, I see it, I tell myself to stop, I listen to my center, to you, and I modify with certain acts different from what I used to do, and it makes me feel better and I change the posture. And if I don’t change it, I don’t punish myself. I tell myself that I have to keep working more to modify. I accept what I do, I don’t put it aside, I don’t get so angry, I try all this, and sometimes it gives me good results.

AM: you are in the working stage. Sometimes you will be more balanced, sometimes not so much, and you will see that in each situation, and you will see how you act. But the most important thing is to accept that this concept is one of the hardest to work on and modify in this path you are on. It will depend on your will to continue polishing those habits that you have incorporated, so that, at some point, you can transcend this and continue with another stage of your learning on this path of life.

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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