Capricorn – Emotional – Crown: REASON

We generally understand «reason» as that faculty of conceptualizing, judging, ordering, relating, and structuring our ideas, thoughts and knowledge; or «every intellectual action that puts us in contact with reality, by means of which we encounter the transcendent», that is, as that intellectual activity that allows us to understand reality.

The first of these meanings refers to an attribute that human beings possess, while the second refers to the activity that they develop – by virtue of this attribute – in order to understand reality. What we will do here, however, is not to rely on one or the other of these meanings, which generally tend to obscure the notion of reason, but to try to define reason as an object and from there to clarify the ideas of rationality and reasonableness. For this purpose, we begin by emphasizing two very elementary but at the same time transcendental ideas in order to lay the foundations for a definition of reason as an object.

The first of these is that «the idea of reason emerges from the attempt to distinguish the subjective from the objective», and the second, that the objective cannot but be constituted by a conceptual system that traces something like a system of coordinates6 expressed in logical categories, laws, axioms, rules or principles, which have a universal character, and therefore do not depend on particular points of view or beliefs (subjectivity). Reason can be defined, then, as that system of coordinates endowed with the maximum objectivity and universality possible, and above which there is no possibility of searching for greater and better explanations, since «like the eye, which sees everything but itself», it is the principle of all explanation and on it all valid or correct judgments are based. And in that sense, «it can serve as a court of appeals not only against the accepted opinions and habits of our community, but also against the peculiarities of our personal perspective».

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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