Capricorn – Emotional – Third Eye: I AM THE HOME OF CONSCIOUSNESS

AM: Capricorn has concepts to work with which some are fundamental and profound for what you have come to experience on this path, and others much less complicated for you.

Me: and this is one of the less problematic ones. Projects and projecting my path. Since I was a child, with all the good and not so good things that have happened to me, I always had determination and clarity of thought as to what to do, how to do it and follow the steps to get to fulfill what was proposed. I don’t feel that, from what I had planned, anything was left pending.

AM: there are always things pending, but it does not mean that they must be fulfilled, at least in this path. But it is true that the direction you have taken in each projection, and step taken, has been specifically what you have proposed. Apart from the fact that this is how it was going to be, since everything is already defined, you have not hesitated, you have not modified that thought nor that will to follow the proposed path.

Me: like other concepts, it is something that springs naturally in me. Already in itself, being a planner and seeing possible scenarios in the previous analysis, the speed of my mind performing that analysis, and finding the chosen direction to act accordingly.

AM: clear, quick and focused on the chosen path.

Me: I do not question myself thinking about what would have happened if I had chosen another direction to follow. It seems to me a waste of time to think about how things would have been if I had done something different. I accept things as they are and the decisions and actions taken, I understand that some were not the best, but I see this as something not to do again as far as I am concerned for decisions I make now, understanding that it will not help me to make that mistake again now, and to become aware at this moment, which is the most important thing.

AM: to become aware of the things done in the past serves, precisely, to have in this present that we are living, to know the consequences of that action, and to understand that, if we continue acting in the same way, we will continue with the same return of the Universe. Therefore, the consciousness must be focused on both situations. The ones we lived in the past knowing the consequences we had, and the present actions, understanding that if we do not modify our attitude and actions, we will receive again the manifested outward.

Me: in this conversation with you, it is also true that not everything is perfect. I am satisfied with what I do, with what I plan and project, knowing that I also make mistakes, and that I am not infallible in what I think and do.

AM: you are infallible! Just like everyone else. They do, plan and project what they must do, plan and project. With all the mistakes they must make. Because that allows them to learn. It allows them to experience that learning, integrate it, and possibly transcend it. It is the basis of everything.

Me: I understand

AM: and what are you projecting right now?

Me: my projects are in a mutation of what I am doing today. Obviously, I have continuous projects in my work, which motivate me to continue the path that I started since I decided what profession I wanted to develop, and everything goes according to plan.

From the intellectual point of view, which is very important to me, the astrology part, which I was looking at all year 2021, reached the point that it is not so interesting for me to continue deepening, at least for now, since I cannot devote the time I would like, because my work plus what I dedicate to the blog every day, leaves my mind quite exhausted, and sometimes I would like to be more relaxed and without thinking so much, so for this year 2022 it will be very much in the background. I’ll see if I continue with the career, or it will remain a passing thing. As far as taking care of my body, eating healthy, working my body by exercising, is extremely important to me, so the focus will continue to stay that way. Finally, it is already appearing on my list to see how to continue my path after finishing the second year of the YoSoy path, because I feel that it is very good for me to do this but knowing that this stage ends in July of this year and trying to do something that has to do with this, with my own stamp and without the guidance of anyone else but my own self.

AM: new projects that keep the spark of creation active.

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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