Capricorn – Emotional – Third Eye: PROJECTS

Life Projects -understood from the psychological and social perspective- integrate the fundamental directions and modes of action of the person in the broad context of his or her determination- contribution within the framework of the relations between society and the individual. (D’Angelo, O., 1994,7). They are psychological structures that express the essential directions of the person, in the social context of material and spiritual relations of existence, which determine his position and subjective location in a particular society. The Life Project is the structure that expresses the openness of the person towards the domain of the future, in its essential directions and in the critical areas that require vital decisions.

Thus, the configuration, content, and direction of the Life Project, by its nature, origin and destiny are linked to the social situation of the individual, both in its current expression and in the anticipated perspective of future events, open to the definition of his place and tasks in a given society. The notion of Social Situation of Development (SSD), offers a possibility of understanding the formation of the VP from the «external position» of the individual and the configuration of his personal experience, in which the following components are structured in their own dynamics: the possibilities or resources available to the person, the system of needs, objectives, aspirations, the orientations (or attitudes) and vital values of the person, all framed in a multiple and concrete social context, which needs to be considered in all its specificities and relations, as well as in its dynamics.

With the contribution of the notions of the law of higher psychic development and zone of proximal development, the cultural-historical Vygotskian approach approaches human development from its concrete conditions of material-spiritual-psychological existence (SSD) and the role of mediators – significant others and cultural products – in the dynamic construction of meaning and life projects of the person. The pedagogical interest of such a perspective can be important, as it provides a holistic, dynamic, and contradictory understanding of the complex articulations of the individual and his immediate and mediate social context; a perspective in which educational actions have to take the referent of the psychological processes that are cut in the greater dynamics of social situations and of the conditions of individual-social praxis.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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