Capricorn – Emotional – Toroid: PLAN

The Life Project is a concept that in its historical trajectory has been described and characterized by authors with different approaches and focuses1 and has been linked to the need of human beings to overcome their deficiencies and shortcomings in their lives and seek their well-being, satisfying their capacity to love and work, reducing their discomfort and suffering, through the organization of plans that help them to solve these vicissitudes.

From a broad perspective, it can be said that every human being explicitly or implicitly carries out a Life Project, which consists of giving a meaning to his life and integrating vocational and labor, economic, social, affective and vital projection aspects that make him evaluate and correct this Project from an enunciation of goals that are added and integrated in this vital project, and that allow reaching each stage looking for the achievement that provides well-being and satisfaction in order to continue to the next stage .

However, the historical review allows understanding the concept and its essence, and in this way, philosophy has representatives who seek to contribute to the concept of Life Project, considering it as a strategy and objectives to place the individual in the perspective of his development, proposing a temporary condition focused on the future, from the past and the present according to Heidegger, from personal self-management, as a need to manage oneself and revolutionize human relations and valuing the circumstances in which the subject lives and the actions that can be developed to know them, accept them, subordinate them, manage them, and make decisions, according to the convenience of the subject. The key points to highlight in these authors are the importance of the goals proposed to achieve, the actions or dynamics generated to achieve them (personal responsibility) in a temporal dimension.

It is planned that the Life Project opens perspectives towards the future in terms of hopes and proposals articulated among them, both in individuals and in social collectivities. It combines, then, an intention, a will to improve, some planning and, above all, a certain capacity to control the course of daily life. It connects past experiences with the present situation, and from there it flows to the hopes of the future, turning them into life projects.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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