Capricorn – Physical – Crown: RELIGION

Religion has been, so far, the most extensive and effective project to reduce the basic fear derived from a fundamental uncertainty: our place in creation. And it can be considered as the most far-reaching design, precisely because religion is something more than an illusion and self-deception: in addition to reducing the primordial terror, religious faith represents a more or less consistent essay to give meaning to human longings.

Accepting that human beings have the capacity to create fundamentals, ultimate assumptions capable of subordinating our behavior, leads us to consider that what is emerging today is not so much a universal religion as the opposite: for a religion to survive, it must become a deeply personalized religion, one that allows every human being to speak his or her own language when it comes to ultimate meaning.

Religiosity […] is only authentic where it is existential, that is, where man is not somehow driven to it, but decides for it himself. Now we see that this moment of existentiality is joined by a second moment, that of spontaneity: true religiosity, since it is existential, must also reach a point where it spontaneously springs forth.

The question is not whether man returns to religion and believes in God, but whether he lives with love and seeks the truth» as a way of betting on a human project based on dignity, harmony, freedom and justice, or as a form of emancipation. «There is no one without a religious need, a need to have an orientation, and an object of devotion.» It is an «object of devotion», it does not necessarily have to be in relation to a divinity. «Man can worship animals, trees, idols of gold or stone, an invisible god, a holy man or diabolical warlords; he can venerate his ancestors, his nation, his class or party, money or success.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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