Capricorn – Physical – Third Eye: I AM THE CONSCIOUS ESSENCE

AM: what does politics mean to you?

Me: the worst of the worst. I can think of a few political leaders that I would consider having respect for. But even then, I doubt that they could have been completely balanced and coherent in their being while governing. Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Obama, Merkel, Pepe Mujica, in a sense. And I can’t find much more.

AM: surely there have been many politicians around the world who have been examples in the political world.

Me: but I have not registered them. Unfortunately, the group of politicians that I have been able to observe, especially in my country, neighboring countries, and those known worldwide for having been leaders of their respective countries, have left much to be desired. From highly corrupt characters, despots, uneducated for such an important position, unbalanced, incoherent, negative leaders for societies hungry for good leaders, it has made me think that the human being seeks to be a politician to get rich, in the first place, or to accumulate power.

AM: something that is also done outside politics.

Me: but with the addition that politicians are paid their salaries by society, us, and make decisions influenced by economic powers that end up destroying jobs, ruin the environment, generate profits for a few, and poverty for many others.

AM: a very harsh perception you have of politics and politicians.

Me: I consider it the ruin of society. They have always dictated laws for the convenience of a few. Like everything human beings have done. A few got together to establish the basis of religions. They did the same with politics in each of the countries that were formed. It was always a few, thinkers and nobles who considered themselves above the rest of society, and with the ego so high that only they could make a constitution. The rest would have to obey. And they conquered land and divided it among themselves. They eliminated the indigenous, underdeveloped population, and generated an oligarchy that ruled the masses.

AM: hard on history

Me: let’s see, that’s what I perceive has happened throughout history. It was written by a few, for a few, and ruled by a few. The rest of us are just several followers.

AM: you feel you have no weight to change anything?

Me: of course, I do. But I’m not interested either. It’s all too screwed up to be changed. In my MBA years, I met a person who had tried to enter politics. Impeccable conduct, good person. Honest. He tried to become mayor of one of the cities of greater Buenos Aires. To make a long story short, he was totally and completely destroyed, because he was not part of the mafia that was already installed at that time in all levels of politics. And they did everything and more so that he would not be a candidate. They destroyed him in every way. It was not good to have an honest person in politics. That made me think that whoever gets to the top, has to be part of the whole mafia. They usually say that they need everyone to get to the top and then change according to their essence. The problem is that they already owe many favors, they became mafiosi like their peers, and when they reach power, they become so dazzled that they think they are gods. And they forget what, perhaps in their beginnings, they thought they were going to be when they reached the top.

AM: total power tends to unbalance any human being. Only a few have been able to withstand the pressure that this generates.

Me: that is why there should be another way of being able to do politics. In the first place, the politician should not be rich. He must be a person who does not profit while he is governing. In addition, he must serve a certain term as a state employee. He should not live off the state for the rest of his life. That is bad. Nor should he have agreements with any company, any person. He should not owe favors to anyone. This is the only way to be able to analyze each situation and make the best decision for most of the population he represents.

AM: nothing is easy. There will always be decisions that will benefit some over others, so there will be those who support their leader, and others who do not. It is very difficult in today’s world to be a good politician.

Me: the panorama I see is not good.

AM: from this type of situation, people emerge who break patterns. They change paradigms, and they can make a big change for the better. It is a matter of taking courage and having the will to make a change. Then, it will be those who really want the situation to change, who will make it happen.

I invite you all to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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