Capricorn – Physical – Heart: I AM THE ESSENCE OF LOVE

AM: the economy is part of your daily life.

Me: let’s say yes. The concept of economy related to resource management; I tend to take it literally at all times. That is, having what is necessary, and not having too much. To consume what is necessary, and not to over-consume. Optimize resources, that is, money, to be able to have a good time, but without wasting.

AM: and does it work for you?

Me: I feel good and in balance doing this. I do not find myself wasting resources. From the water I use, to the food I eat, the light I consume, everything that refers to rationing in a better way. I do it both as a matter of principle and as a contribution to the environment.

I don’t need to have the latest cell phone, the newest technological gadgets, the best clothes, I don’t wear any kind of ornaments such as rings, chains, nothing. As natural as possible. I buy very few clothes, I wear them until they are practically tattered, and I have a hard time buying things just for the sake of having them. I can’t conceive of having a standard of living that goes beyond the basics, and balanced.

AM: we have already talked about this. What for you is a basic standard of living, for others is a high standard of living, with many things that others do not have, and this will depend on the perception you have and with whom you are comparing yourself. It is clear to me that you are comparing yourself in this aspect with people who have a higher purchasing power than yours, and with such a capacity of resources that it does not cause them any problem to waste all the money they have.

Me: Yes, I tend to look to those who are better off financially than me. I understand, equally, that I could waste the resources I have, but I could not do it. The same if I had a lot more money. I don’t feel I can live that way.

AM: I’m sure you are. It’s your essence. But that’s still seen from your perspective, and others may have a completely different perspective of you, because of how you move with resources, and how you appear to them.

Me: I can understand that. Still, and even if I had full availability of resources, I know I could still manage in the same way. It’s not in me to waste or squander. It doesn’t matter what I have.

AM: it also makes you feel responsible not only to manage your resources but also as a contribution to minimize the environmental problems that are happening since the industrial revolution.

Me: a revolution in every sense, including the destruction of the environment. I understand that the evolution of human beings to live a more comfortable life is part of that need to stop surviving to focus on other aspects of life, but the pendulum has swung far beyond the center and today there is so much garbage being consumed, and that garbage damages the environment so much, that I find it strange that people who are supposed to be intelligent, do not have the slightest awareness of what they are doing.

AM: it all depends on the perspective in which you look at it. There are indeed many beings that are in full incoherence and imbalance. And many of them with a lot of economic power and over many people. This definitely makes the problems multiply and all the concepts of the I Am should be worked on much more.

But there is also the perspective that there are many people who are honest, take care of the environment, their economy, comply with regulations, and seek a better world. In society you will find infinite perspectives, the issue is to agree on all of them to follow a path of evolution and find between all of us the balance and coherence as a society.

Me: it is not easy

AM; nothing is easy on the path of being. That is why you came to this world, here and now.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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