Capricorn – Physical – Plexus: I AM THE ESSENCE OF IT´´ S ME

AM: how do you get along with technology?

Me: I’m friendly to a certain extent. Obviously in my job I have to keep up with a lot of utilities, and this keeps me pretty up to date, but I use what’s just right and necessary. I’m not crazy about using the latest generation of gadgets. My cell phones, for example, I’ve had each one for many years at the time, so I don’t change them every year, nor am I interested in having the best.

AM: with everything we’ve talked about in the last few posts, it would be inconsistent for me to be otherwise. And do you understand the technology?

Me: obviously I understand it, as I said, I can be friendly. Sometimes it costs me a little more in certain aspects, especially those that do not interest me much, such as using a new social platform, and I usually lag until by necessity, for my children, or whatever, I have to learn to use it. And the learning is quite fast. Not like the new generations learn it, but not like older people today, who sometimes make huge messes with their devices.

AM: and that’s why you find it funny…

Me: the same thing happens to my children with me. Generational issue I would say…

AM: and do you enter into this discussion if it is good or bad to depend so much on technology?

Me: no, I don’t enter into that discussion. I am in a transitional generation, and technology came in when I was little, and all the development that impacted the life of the human being, from my adolescence until now, so I could accommodate quite well to those changes. However, I have a certain contradiction in certain situations.

Sometimes it happens to me that technology seems to atrophy certain human skills that were present when everything had to be done only with the few tools one had. Thus, many human skills have been replaced by much more precise machinery, and today nobody knows how to do anything using basic tools. A lot of it is lost.

AM: that’s called evolution.

Me: yes, I know. But for the new generation, that machine broke, and they are left resetting their mind, perplexed, because they don’t know what to do. The only thing they can think of is to buy another machine just like it.

AM: it is a good solution to their problem.

Me: yes, but they have no idea that in other times that was done by the hands and mind of man.

AM: they also use their mind to think about buying a new machine and their hands to press a key on their computer and transfer the money to pay for it.

Me: yes, that’s true. But I meant that manual dexterity has been lost.

AM: and what good would manual dexterity do today, besides wasting a lot of time doing something?

Me: You’re getting me too close to what I mean.

AM: what do you mean?

Me: that the new generation seems to be more useless in countless matters. The internet goes down and they go crazy. They don’t have a particular app, and they don’t know how to do anything. They have to watch countless tutorials because they can’t come up with anything on their own. I feel that there is a certain mental atrophy with technology, and little mental evolution.

AM: this is a valid perspective of yours. But it is also valid the perspective of those who may think that you have an atrophied mind because you want to show others that you can do the same thing manually, wasting who knows how much time on something basic, when you could press a key and solve the whole mess. You waste time, energy that you could dedicate to something more productive for you, and nevertheless, you insist on doing it manually. You don’t understand the new, you reject it sometimes without even trying to understand it, and you behave like a being closed to technological evolution.

Me: that’s hard.

AM: as it is hard what you think. The point is that everyone lives their technological evolution as their perspective itself, so there are billions of different perspectives, and they are all valid. Technology evolved the lives of human beings, and will continue to do so, faster, and faster, and there is no turning back. We must adapt to it, adapt to using every tool at our disposal to evolve with it. We must ask for help from the new generations who were born with it, and it is in their genes to be able to teach us. This way we will be able to adapt to every new technological evolution to come.

I invite you to watch Matias’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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