Capricorn – Physical – Sacral: I AM THE ESSENCE OF THE MOTHER MATRIX

AM: the concept of culture. I must say that you are quite lapidary with the common people, not in your own place, but all over the world, in relation to people’s culture.

Me: phew. I don’t want to come across as a pedantic person. But it tends to bother me quite a lot to be with people who turn out to be very uninterested in having an average cultural level, let’s say. I’m not even talking about being a fully cultured person.

AM: what is culture for you?

Me: to be able to incorporate in our mind a series of general topics, to be able to have a relationship with other people, to be able to exchange perspectives and thoughts, so that both parties can be enriched.

AM: and how do you make that happen?

Me: by having a conversation with another person in which you can talk about all kinds of topics.

AM: and how do you determine the level of culture that person has?

Me: in conversation. That’s where I notice that level.

AM: give me an example

Me: I don’t know, any banal conversation, for example. It has happened to me a lot with Americans, from the United States, to start a conversation and ask me where I am from, and when I tell them that I am from Argentina, many do not even know where it is, others tell me that it is South America and the capital of Argentina is Rio de Janeiro, and others do not know where it is, but they do know that Messi, or Pope Francis, are Argentines.

AM: and that makes you consider that their cultural level is null.

Me. Let me see, it is something very basic. If we start with something basic so badly, it seems to me that there is no way to change it.

AM: the concept of culture is extremely broad, and not all beings can know everything. That person may not be someone skilled in geography, and yet have an exquisite ear, and understand all kinds of music. Or be an expert in technology. Or have an exquisite hand for drawing. Or have the ideal physical body to be the best in some sport discipline.

Me: I understand. I understand and accept it. But I also feel that it is possible to have an average cultural level, in which one can learn a little of everything, geography, history, customs of each country, music, art, science, technology, mathematics, astrology, biology, of any subject that may exist, and thus have a more integrated and complete idea of the universe around us. I don’t think it’s good to stay in one subject and discard all the others.

AM: let’s see. Generality has its good things and others not so good. Specialization has its good things and others not so good. The issue here is society. If you’re a generalist, you’re never going to know anything specific. If you’re a specialist, you’re never going to be able to see the big picture. In this way, society makes you pendulum swing from one place to another, depending on the circumstances.

Me: personally, I feel better knowing a little bit of everything. Being able to understand different concepts, learning different customs, and expanding what I understand as my cultural level. I feel that it represents what my essence dictates to me.

AM: it is part of your being, yes. But it can also be the same for those who feel that their cultural level is null. You should not judge. Nor believe that you are more than others. You know it’s not the best thing to do.

Me: I know. I have to learn from everyone, even from those who don’t know where Argentina is.

AM: you are fascinated by geography. Tell me, what is the capital of Uganda?

Me: Kampala.

AM: very good! The capital of Saudi Arabia?

Me: Riyad

AM: perfect! The one from Turkmenistan?

Me: mmmm. All these Central Asian republics are mixed up.

AM: Uzbekistan? Kyrgyzstan?

Me: you killed me.

AM: well, you know you’re on the same level as those Americans who don’t know where your country is.

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Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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