Capricorn – Physical – Knees: I AM ESSENCE OF THE PATH OF LIGHT

Me: I start thinking about the concept of the day, and looking around me, there are many people who live their lives without any basis or foundation.

AM: and what do you base this on?

Me: I base it on the fact that, if there is so much incoherence or imbalance in beings, it means that, besides not being interested in seeking their own balance, they do not have a good foundation on which to support their development. They do not have the solid foundations to allow them to have a starting point on which to walk their path.

AM: very interesting, but do you really consider that your whole life has been based on a good foundation and good foundations to support it and to follow the path you have come to walk?

Me: a question that is quite complicated for me to answer so quickly.

I would understand that I have solid foundations on which I have followed my path. But also, my exigency tells me that sometimes I have forgotten those foundations, I have not kept them present in every step, and that meant that I have left my essence aside to try to fit in and belong, at least in my own way, in some group or place. All those times, many of them we have already talked about, the path followed its course, but in a somewhat incoherent, unbalanced way, and there were consequences from which I have learned and evolved, after becoming aware of and working on those distortions.

Not everything is perfect, I am still distorted in some things, but I am very conscious, or I feel conscious, and I do not avoid or look the other way. And this has to do with being clear about the fundamentals that make me feel who I am and how I am. That make me see my pure essence, and on which I base everything I do.

AM: and what are those fundamentals based on?

Me: on being authentic. In accepting myself as I am. In working on every part of my being. In understanding that I have distortions and that they have to do with what I have come to work on, and to understand why I distort and how I have to center myself and seek with will, to integrate and transcend each concept. Something very interesting happens to me today, which is that I do not feel ashamed, nor do I judge or criticize all those issues that may be shameful, judgmental, or critical to others. Leaving aside the good or the bad, looking in my essence for criteria and balance, talking to you, my higher self, where morality is left aside, and where I find answers to my concerns, makes me feel safe, calm and at peace with myself.

AM: it is a work that we do together and from which we both learn. It is to put the energy, vibration, and body, on your side, and it is to bring wisdom, love and will on my side, which make this joint work, where the balance is in your essence, your center.

Me: makes me feel calm, serene, and also full.

AM: is the result of this continuous work. It is day by day. It seems slow. Sometimes tedious. Working each concept day by day, with the daily routine, the pressures, the daily problems, is sometimes difficult, complicated. But when we weave everything, we put together each concept we work on, and we understand the whole, mainly by dialoguing with each other, it generates, without realizing it, a whirlwind of emotions, learning, understanding, comprehension, and awareness of your own reality here and now.

Me: it’s strong. I feel it. I vibrate and a joy bubble up in me just thinking about all the way done. And how good it makes me.

AM: because you make this path with consciousness and will, indispensable to achieve coherence and balance of being.

I invite you all to watch Matías’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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