SPECIAL POST: 6 months of the Tree of Life

AM: in this circle of the second year of the YoSoY Way, we have reached the first 180 degrees, and beginning the return to the starting point. A moment that marks a milestone on this path.

Me: we’ve reached the halfway point. I am not thinking about it

AM: but stop at this moment. What do you feel?

Me: I feel satisfaction in having completed this stage without any major shocks. I see the 720 posts written, having made a planning, and resulting mechanically valid, for the number of things I do throughout my day, and I feel that it has been an important effort, although in the same way, everything I show I do seem to be extremely simple for others.

AM: have you felt overwhelmed, or overwhelmed trying to accomplish all the activities, including this one?

Me: Before I started this second path, I didn’t even want to think about how much of my time it would take to do this. I trusted my organization and my will to do it. And there were very few moments when I felt whether or not it made sense to continue writing every post every day.

AM: and this was the result of…

Me: of thinking that I had found a reason to do it, outside of my own need to have to follow this path, by adding my perspective. In principle I had thought it to help others, and not myself. And I was looking in that help for others to see what I was doing for them.

AM: we talked not long ago about how you dislike the concept of a hero, and it turns out that you wanted to be one for those you were going to help.

Me: I am a human being, after all, in this third dimension here and now, right?

AM: but you’re trying to be conscious, and that’s why you’re seeing it so clearly.

Me: but all that thought at the beginning was changing day by day, with each post, working again each one of the concepts, researching a little more, reading each day, writing each dialogue, showing my setbacks, finding my center, knowing that in each concept I should and must continue working, and finding fulfillment in each writing captured.

AM: I know you have felt full every day finishing writing your posts. Not because they are perfect, not because you need to show it to others, but because it means one more step in learning, and allows you to discover in yourself the image of Claudio you are working on, with all the strengths, all the weaknesses and limitations, and being what you are.

Me: that is the purpose of my essence, of my being. I discovered it as I went along.

AM: and that is the beauty of the path you are following. You are shaping actions that you do not always have clear from the beginning the real purpose of your actions, and suddenly, you discover it in the path you are walking.

Me: It’s a nice way to walk the path. Discovering at every step thing that complete me.

AM: we have another 6 months and 720 posts to write on this path. How do you live it?

Me: with the same determination as at the beginning. Already well planned, with more practicality than at the beginning, and without knowing what these six months will bring me.

AM: to discover it in this new stage. Welcome!

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