Aquarius – Mental – Throat: I AM WORD OF TRUTH

AM: you are having a hard time being able to dialogue what this week represents. And you should re-read Matías’ post in order to make sense of our dialogue.

Me: it’s that you mix topics which leave me aside. And where everything is a story told between fable, mythology, and imagination. Nothing to see. Just believing in what someone says.

AM: and we talk about how beliefs make it impossible for the being to evolve in the path of YoSoY.

Me: then, how to believe what someone else says if I do not live it. I can read and listen to another expressing what he says, I pay attention to him, I respect him, and I can rationalize in different ways those concepts that he explains. But when topics related to the beyond appear, with the dimensions, the good and bad actions, the intergalactic confederations, that all this is between spirits or beings that only connect with a few chosen ones, I do not know why, and that they are the ones who are in charge of expanding it to the rest, as guides or leaders of the rest of the human beings that are neither trained nor in conditions to be able to listen, because they are not in the frequency, energy, vibration, and many more issues, I finish pricking the balloon that I am inflating trying to give it a chance to be true.

AM: Are you trying to tell me that what this person says he/she is experiencing is not true?

Me: I am not saying that. That person can experience what he says. But my question is: if those beings seek to reach others through a human being here, and they give him certain codes as a message to others, and those codes are so general that they can be interpreted according to the reasoning of each person who listens to him, obviously the line of communication is quite poor.

AM: not very understandable

Me: then, if we are talking about evolved energies, most of them, isn’t it supposed that the way to get in contact would be in such a way that they can reach every single human being and not just one? Surely you will tell me that they can only reach that human being because they are in the exact energy and vibration to do so. And then a channel of communication opens up that only that person can have.

AM: it is a communication like any other between human beings. Haven’t you ever had a conversation with someone who doesn’t understand you and you don’t understand them?

Me: Yes, it has happened to me.

AM: It’s the same.

Me: But why accept as valid what someone else says?

AM: I answer you with the following question. What did you experience when you were traveling in Malaysia?

Me: I knew you were going to ask me this. That was a time when I had very, very bad headaches, especially at specific times, and I would do a concentration exercise where I would close my eyes, put my fingers around my eyes, supporting and pressing gently around them, and it was something I would do mechanically. Once I stopped squeezing my eyes, a round circle of whitish color would appear, and it would change color. It looked like an eye

AM: the third eye

Me: obviously reading the Gita, I considered it to be my third eye. And it used to happen to me that after a few minutes of relaxation, living that process, the headache would diminish, and I would end up falling deeply asleep. When I woke up, the headache used to disappear.

So, on that trip to Malaysia, I flew from Buenos Aires to Kuala Lumpur on a direct flight that took about 28 hours, with two stopovers in Cape town and Johannesburg. In addition, from Kuala Lumpur, we had been taken directly to the mountains, so it had been about 4 hours more travel time. We had a 10-hour time difference, heat, humidity and overwhelming fatigue, so when we arrived at the hotel, I went straight to my room and my head was exploding.

I went into the room, took off all my clothes, took a bath, and from there to bed with a headache I had never experienced before. I began, as I always did, to relax, to do the exercise of pressing my eyes, and the eye began to appear, first a white circle, then different colors, and my concentration went on and on. The eye was more active than ever. I don’t know how long I was like that because it was night, I wasn’t looking at my cell phone, so I didn’t know the time, but it was like that for a long, long time. My concentration was such and my relaxation reached a level that, in a moment, in full consciousness on my part, because I was not asleep, that eye began to expand and I saw myself entering a place, a room, where there were people with their backs to me, and they were looking at a person who was like on a stage, sitting higher than the rest and looking towards the people and where I was looking. It was a person from India, with characteristic features and clothing. He was speaking in a language I did not understand. And what he said, the others repeated. What I was hearing was loud and strong, and what I was seeing was very clear.

I kept watching and listening to everything they were saying. They were mantras. And at one point, among so many they were saying, there was one that I repeated out loud myself. At that moment, whoever was on the stage sitting in the lotus position, looked at me, with that look of peace, and so did the others who were sitting with their backs to me. At that moment, I felt I was in evidence, and I thought that I should not be there, and I got scared. I left the place, but not running, but coming back from that eye that had expanded, and I fell fast asleep.

AM: you came back from the portal you had opened.

Me: the next morning, the headache was gone. I was as if I had never traveled, and I didn’t even feel the jet lag of the day before. I was a fresh lettuce. But I was ecstatic about what had happened to me. I didn’t understand, I knew it hadn’t been a mere dream, and I started trying to remember what word I had said out loud. And there was no way. Was it an Indian word? Was it from another language? What had I said? My head thought and thought. Not a trace of pain but trying to remember. And no.

AM: fear led you to forget the word.

Me: I felt that I had entered that place without permission, and I considered myself at fault.

AM: but that look that you remember well today, after more than 15 years of that event, had nothing but love in it.

Me: yes. And in turn, in this attempt to decipher what had happened to me, I was able to talk to a teacher who was in a Hindu temple I visited there in Malaysia, to whom I told him what had happened to me, and that I wanted to remember that word, and he, in that kind tone, and with the tranquility of who is more evolved and in coherence with his being, told me that what I had received was a «gift», a gift. And that I should accept it and be grateful for it as such.

AM: and it was a beautiful gift that you received.

Me: and you know what? I could never know what word he had said.

AM: but you never had headaches again.

Me: I never had those headaches again.

AM: and what does your environment tell you when they hear you talk about it?

Me: They listen to me. And they don’t say much.

AM: they have to believe you?

Me: I experienced it.

AM: Was it a dream?

Me: no. I am sure of it.

AM: but why believe in what you say? Because you are you and that’s it? If they believe in you, they put their feelings above their own experience. If they express that they don’t believe in you, they doubt that what you experienced was really an experience.

In short, you cannot transfer your own experience to others. It is not necessary to do so. Because everyone has their own path, their own essence, and their own inner truth.

I invite you to watch the video of Matías with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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