Aquarius – Mental – Plexus: I AM WORD OF ORDER

Me: I ask you: why are there human beings who believe they have to save the world?

AM: there have always been human beings who in their dreams, in their thoughts and in their minds, had the intuition, let’s call it, that they were the chosen ones to do something spectacular in their lives.

Me: Let’s see. I understand that to do spectacular things you have to be daring, somewhat unconscious, have an ego through the roof, and feel unique. But my question is: is that the only way to achieve something out of the ordinary in this third dimension?

AM: let’s take an example of a person who you think wanted to save the world.

Me: let’s see… it depends on what we want to say in this sentence. I will take it to change the human being in his concepts of life. Jesus

AM: Jesus has been a generator of breaking patterns acquired at the time. He acted as a subversive towards the elites that dominated the common people, and that allowed them for the first time in a long time, to ponder with good examples the values that led his followers to empower themselves and to be coherent and balanced with their actions towards themselves and towards others. From there, their faithful devotees tried to follow their path, although they distorted it over time for their own interests.

Give me another example

Me: Mother Teresa

AM: Teresa has been the person who broke the patterns of making the poor invisible. He plunged into the anonymity of the lower classes of India, the poorest of all, with all kinds of diseases, and helped them to make them live in the most dignified way possible until the end of their ways. She came across all the ugliest things in this world: extreme poverty, diseases of all kinds, extreme pollution, and yet she was there as an unwavering leader in helping the poor. Her own consistency and poise have disqualified without even a single comment the whole Church she represented, as well as any world leader of her time.

Any other examples?

Me: Nelson Mandela

AM; a being who has suffered extreme racism, imprisoned, tortured, fighter for the minimum rights of any individual. He came out of prison, forgave those who imprisoned and tortured him, and became a human rights leader, president of his country, in search of full freedom for all his compatriots. He was coherent and balanced in his thinking and demonstrated that the best way to lead a country is to act in that way.

Me: beautiful people, and beautiful examples of life.

AM: they all have something in common. They never wanted to be leaders. They never told themselves they were more than others. They never felt chosen or put themselves above others. They fulfilled their life mission without feeling superior to anyone else. They did not need to show what they did in their past lives. They did not even try to show themselves in what they did during their life. It only came about because there were people who followed them without them showing themselves. They came to them by their great work. For their great constancy, and for being coherent and balanced in what they did inside and outside of their being.

Me: will there appear human beings who follow this type of paths? Today I do not find any examples worth mentioning.

AM: there always appear beings that take the post on the path of coherence and balance. It is difficult today because the networks are over dimensioned with information and the unconsciousness of the human being prevails above all things, but there will be a time when some being will appear who is in full coherence, who is humble and focused on making more people conscious and coherent in this world. They are just around the corner. It is just a matter of watching.

I invite you to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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