Aquarius – Mind – Sacral: ORION

Legend has it that Orion was a handsome young man, a native of Boeotia, considered in those times as the most beautiful and handsome of living men, whose greatest passion was, apart from falling in love with women, to go hunting with his faithful dogs. Legend has it that while hunting on the island of Chios he saw Mephrope, daughter of King Enopion, and fell madly in love with her. However, she was not a mere mortal since her father King Enopion was the son of none other than Dionysus, God of wine and ecstasy, and he expected a husband of more pedigree for his daughter.

As Orion insisted that he grant him the hand of Mephrope, King Enopion promised him that he could obtain it if he could make the countryside free from the fearsome wild beasts that threatened the lives of the inhabitants. This offered no difficulty to an experienced hunter, and Orion gladly accepted the challenge. Having completed his task, he presented himself to Enopion eager to receive his reward, but Enopion found reasons to delay the wedding: there were still more bears, wolves and lions lurking in the hills.

Orion grew increasingly frustrated at the situation. Once again, he scoured the hills for wild animals, and again Enopion found reasons to postpone the wedding. Until one night, disgusted, he became very drunk on Enopion’s best wine (admittedly, the wine of the son of Dionysus was certainly good) and, in this deplorable state, he entered the bedroom of Mephrope and raped her. As a result of this violent act Enopion felt justified in taking revenge on Orion, plucked out his eyes and threw him blind and unconscious on the beach.

An oracle announced that the blind man would regain his sight if he traveled eastward and turned his eye socket toward Helios at the point where it rises from the ocean. Immediately Orion embarked on a small ship and guided by the sound of the hammering of a Cyclops rowed until he reached Lemnos. He went to the forge of Hephaestus where he took upon his shoulders the apprentice Kedalion and took him as his guide. Kedalion led Orion by land and sea until he reached the island of Delos. Arrived at his destination Eos, the dawn, fell in love with him (no wonder since we have said that he was «the most handsome of living men» ) and accompanied him to the eastern shore of the island where at dawn, as he looked eastward, Helios restored his sight, thus fulfilling the oracle.

But during the return, Orion and Eos arrived at the temple of Apollo where Eos invited Orion to sleep with her being surprised by Apollo at dawn. (That is why since then, every day, the Aurora blushes remembering the indiscretion). Orion, in the company of Eos, returned to Chios to take revenge on Enopion, but he could not find him anywhere. He then believed that he had fled to Crete for protection and set sail for that island to kill him. S

However, the one he found in Crete was Artemis, the huntress, accompanied by her entire cohort of young maidens. The two soon hit it off, as they shared a common hobby, and Artemis did not take long to convince him to forget his revenge and go hunting with her. Artemis fell in love with Orion. She was very happy and spent many days hunting with him. But then Apollo, her brother, felt jealous that she paid more attention to Orion than to himself, complained that the Moon had stopped illuminating the night because she had neglected her duties as a goddess, while thinking that a goddess like her should not fall in love with a mere mortal, so he decided to end Orion’s life by sending a giant scorpion to kill him.

To all this, it should be added that Orion, when he was not hunting with Artemis, was dedicated to «hunt» or rather to harass the nymphs of the goddess’s courtship (without her knowledge). They complained to Artemis, but she did not believe them (the poor thing had a crush on Orion) and feeling helpless, they begged Zeus to free them from such an annoying stalker. Zeus took pity on them and turned them into doves that took flight arriving on their journey to end up in the stars and become part of them in a place in the heavens forming the Constellation of the Pleiades, in the back of Taurus, so that the strength and fierceness of the bull would protect them eternally from Orion’s harassment.

I invite you to read Matías’ post with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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