Aquarius – Mind – Knees: I AM WORD THAT GUIDES

AM: you feel like you rule yourself.

Me: today, yes. The progress made through the path of IAm has been amazing.

AM: and I know it’s not just words.

Me: It is very difficult to explain. But I feel very secure in my actions. I am calm. I am aware of what I do, of the decisions I make, of the responsibility for these actions. I do not live unconscious. I move every day looking for balance. I focus on my essence. It seems simple. I find it simpler every day, but it is not.

AM: it is a direction you take and where everything is very day-to-day oriented. Every concept, every thought. Every action is intermingled between what everyday life presents to you and taking it towards this path of life that you have chosen to follow, and that sounds and resonates with you more and more each day.

Me: from there I feel that I govern myself. Where I can express what I feel. I can understand other perspectives. I do not seek confrontation. I emphasize is that it’s not something perfect and that it’s always like that. No. I have days when I am less predisposed, but what I do feel is that whether I am very well, or in a bad mood, or tired, or whatever, I have progressed on all my emotional levels with respect to how I act.

AM: and your environment thanks you.

Me: my environment has noticed. There is a visible change in me. There is also a certain more assertive placement in everyday life. I feel more confident and better planted.

AM: you are a tree, according to your blog

Me: I am identifying more with trees. They seem to me, besides beautiful, sublime.

AM: and could you tell me which tree you identify with?

Me: I’m not very good with that subject. I don’t know many varieties of trees. But, among the ones I like the most, there is the lemon pine, for example. I have one in the garden of my house, which we planted when my daughter’s rabbit died, and we buried it together with a seedling of this pine. Today it is more than two meters tall, and it is beautiful, leafy, and with that lemon scent that it leaves in your hands when you touch its branches. It moves all my sensations, the sight, the smell when I touch it. It brings me a lot of peace.

AM: and you feel that Clover, the rabbit, is grateful to have been the base of this beautiful tree.

Me: I feel that way, yes. I also feel very identified with the myrtle, which is a native species of the Patagonian Andes. A beautiful place in this world

AM: no doubt. I feel your vibration in this path. I feel you happy with what you are working on.

Me: I feel pleased. There is a whole question of making a mental click, where I don’t identify myself as flying through the clouds, but rather to be anchored in a sensible and judicious way, and enjoying every day, with every step I am taking. And putting my will daily, to work the day, starting from my daily mantra, and giving me enough vitality to go through the here and now.

AM: you are very conscious of the steps you are taking on your path. You put will. You put effort into it. You seek to be coherent and focused in your actions and decisions to take. There is a lot of your Virginian energy, where everything must be done perfectly. You strive to make it so. You strive to progress and evolve. You know that not everything is perfect. And it is good your positivity, your commitment, and your willingness to maintain this path.

I invite you to see Matias’ post with the topic of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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