Aquarius – Mind – Ankles: I AM WORD THAT EDUCATES

AM: do you feel like a hero?

Me: I don’t get into that paper egocentrism.

AM: but that’s cutting.

Me: it is that the hero theme has ended up ruining society in general. A hero is needed to save a country, a soccer team, a disoriented society, a group that needs a messiah. Everything revolves around the romanticism of the great feats that the hero performs, defending the helpless, defenseless, and weak, and achieving what no one else can. In short, bread and circuses.

AM: but why so much indifference to this subject?

Me: because I understand it is the key to manipulate people. I see it in movies, I see it in everyday life in general. I see the negative side of the hero who usually shows himself to be idolized by others, to move the masses and to do whatever he wants.

AM: but there are many other beings who are real heroes.

Me: yes, I perceive and feel it. There are many people who are heroes of their own way. Who help and do wonderful things, and without needing to show themselves or what they do. They do it for themselves. Those people who help in soup kitchens to people who have nothing to eat, those volunteers who help countless communities to live better, those who contribute their time, their will, their knowledge, to help their environment in a selfless way, without networks, without showing what they do to the rest, without using the money of others, without feeling like leaders or center of anything but themselves. Sensible people, coherent with themselves, and balanced in their actions.

AM: stick for several, I understand

Me: it’s been a while since I focused on talking about someone in particular. I used to. But the truth is that nowadays I don’t need to focus on anyone else but myself to talk about any subject. And the hero, precisely, is a concept that is misrepresented because I feel it has been trampled on. I feel it manipulated. And it does not serve as an example of what we should do.

AM: feeling that we are heroes of our own path is a concept that is valid and perfect to understand. Only we can be the saviors, have the strength to fight any internal enemy, and come out of any struggle with flying colors.

Me: from this sense, I share it. Then, being a hero for others, no longer. Each and every one of us is a hero for ourselves, for no one else. It is the only way to begin to be a united society and not a group of beings that only follow the leader, their hero.

AM: I won’t even ask you then who your hero is outside of yourself because you don’t have one.

Me: I don’t have one. I can admire people for what they do. For how they resonate with me. But they are not my heroes. And to tell you the truth, I only now feel that I am a hero of my own path. Taking this path one day at a time. Realizing that only I have the strength to do what my spirit, my soul, and my body dictate. To fight against adversities and come out successful on this path of being.

AM: good words. You are my hero!

I invite you to watch the video of Matias with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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