Aquarius – Mind – Toroid: I AM THE ETERNAL WORD

AM: today we end the mental week, and with it the constellations and their mythology. It has made you uncomfortable, it has taken you in some way out of your own axis, and with it has come out a flare of energy, in some way contained, of thoughts that you have been able to put into words

Me: I felt like a dragon releasing a great number of flames, burning every possible concept related to what we have seen. It has made me feel vigorous, it has made me resonate with my thinking, it has made me be firm with my convictions. It has allowed me to be free. To express what I feel and putting my perspective on those words.

AM: you feel more identified with the dragon than with the hero.

Me: I am a breaker. I have to modify what is ongoing. And the hero is a human being who pretends to be a savior. And I don’t like it. There is no savior. There is no hero. Either we are all of us, or it’s none of us. I’m really fed up with this issue of orienting everything to one person. And that there are people who insist on feeling and placing themselves in that place in which many are tempted and accept to place them, which generates a back and forth between those who place themselves in the center and the others who accept it and are peripheral. There is no community in this world, there is no association, company, government, whatever I can think of, that does not have a leader who directs, and many, hundreds, thousands, millions, who follow that leader. Human beings have no way to evolve into general consciousness if this is not changed.

AM: and do you think the dragon in you will be able to modify it?

Me: I am a dragon. Not hero. We are back to the same thing. There is no way to change this. But there is a way that there is a possibility, writing this blog, that someone may read at some point, concepts, words, with which they feel identified, and begin to think the same way. That there is no hero. That we are all heroes. That it is not necessary to follow, think and act according to what a leader says. That collective consciousness is achieved by placing everyone on equal footing. That there is no one above anyone, nor below anyone. That everything must be done jointly and with the balance and coherence of each and everyone.

AM: if we are all fully conscious and coherent, it is not necessary for one to lead the rest. Everyone will be in full balance, and will do what they must do, for the good of oneself and for the good of all. A very simple process and at the same time, very difficult for the human being to carry it out.

Me: I don’t even need to say it. The dragon in me would eliminate all egocentrism, all manipulation, all malicious use, incoherence, unconsciousness, imbalance, and would leave standing the will, love, understanding, integration, concepts that would make human evolution what many of us would like it to be.

AM: and how would this mythological story end.

Me: surely different than how the story would turn out in a Greek tragedy. I would have him end by saying that the Universe will determine what the outcome of this epic will be.

AM: and only he knows

I invite you all to watch the video of Matias with the topic of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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