Aquarius – Emotional – Third Eye: I AM INTELECTUAL NOURISHMENT

AM: and today we talk about the sign Libra. Not only do you not identify with this sign, but in your birth chart you have absolutely nothing in it. Is it because you have already worked all the concepts under this energy in your past lives?

Me: mmm, if it were because of what resonates with me today, I would tell you that it will be to work on in future lives. Except for the fact that there is something very positive in this Libra energy, which is sociability, which I definitely do not have, with the rest of the concepts I feel that they are not part of my essence today.

AM: like every sign and energy, each one has its positive and negative things. But particularly Libra has very interesting concepts, especially related to the theme of maintaining a balance in their relationships, good manners, moderation, seeking peace.

Me: very good things yes. I find it an interesting sign, equally, like all the others. Although I must say that, based on the relationship I’ve had with Libra people, it didn’t end up being balanced, at least.

AM: you haven’t interacted with many Libra beings, so you can’t generalize.

Me: I’m not going to generalize. Just based on my experience on this path, it hasn’t turned out the best, from my vision. I have had a close Libra friend. And the relationship with him, college roommate, was like that, very Libra style.

AM: why do you say that?

Me: well, all the Libran aspects were well marked in him, from his socialization with others, his appearance, image, not wanting to enter into conflicts, being fine with everyone, not playing for nothing, not being able to decide, being paralyzed in certain situations, not being clear about where to go, uf, many issues.

AM: you made a short circuit between you.

Me: actually, there was no short circuit at all. Everything was one way, as I saw it. How I determined the path. How I planned things. Also, something I didn’t say, is that he worked with me in the American company, since he had studied International Business with me, and I was able to give him that opportunity to have a job according to what he had decided to study. And he turned out to be a good second of mine. He did what I told him to do, because he never argued or made up his own mind.

AM: And he was good for you, because you knew he was never going to do anything against you in the company.

Me: and being in such a damaging company in terms of labor relations, it was important for me to have someone like him under me.

AM: but everything turned out differently when the disputes arose between factions in the company that made it so that you were mortally wounded to continue there.

Me: I already talked about it. But when they kick me out of the company, they put someone else as Manager of the division I was managing, and he continued working, this time under the new person. At that time, they decide to fire me, he comes to my office, and tells me that he was going to resign as well. Of course, I told him no. That he should continue with his work, and that what was going on had nothing to do with his life.

AM: he felt for the first time unprotected. And you were very consistent in your response.

Me: I would never have allowed it to be any other way. The point is, that situation, led to me, in my case, feeling let down with the company, with the people in it, and with any situation that represented talking about it. In his case, he continued working, with new superiors, and the issue of seeing each other was quite stressful, because I did not want to know anything about the company, and he was between two points. I knew his personality, and I knew that he was doing very well with all those people. And with me he was starting to be distant. I didn’t know how to act. He couldn’t be authentic. And that ended up distancing me. I couldn’t tolerate being around him.

AM: but he had done nothing wrong.

Me: I never said he did anything wrong. I don’t think I handled the situation well either. I couldn’t handle it. Being a Libra I think made everything worse.

AM: you’ve been tough.

Me: yes, I was. I felt friendly and protective of him. I saw him as vulnerable. I cared for him. I defended him. I propped him up many times so he could have a path in life.

AM: he owed you a lot

Me: I am a Virginian. I don’t feel he owed me anything. There was never anything to my credit for helping him. He is part of me. I just wish I could have handled the situation differently. But he didn’t have the tools to do it. And I wasn’t the one who had to propose it.

AM: And you decided to take away the opportunity to be the godfather of your son, when you had proposed it before he was born.

Me: yes, it was like that. It was a decision I made.

AM: and you feel you were wrong about that?

Me: the pure resonance in my being tells me that I did not. That I was not wrong. It was a decision made, and things happen for a reason. There was no, there is no question of having to do things one way. I changed the decision because of a particular situation, and since then there was no more relationship with him. I understand it was a good decision, because I didn’t want my son to have a godfather that I didn’t even see. Today he does, and their relationship is good.

AM: you have always felt responsible for the decision you made.

Me: without a doubt. And I think it was the best decision. For me, for him and for my son.

AM: it is part of your path. You learn from everything, so this has been one more experience.

I invite you to watch Matías’ video with the topic of the day.

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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