Aquarius – Emotional – Third Eye: LIBRA

Those born under the sign of Libra conceive the following guidelines: I go out into the world, I meet another. I seek harmony, perfect balance. I try to compensate for what the other lacks, to achieve it, I place myself on the other side of the scale, I become balance. The other Is and helps me to Be. We cooperate in the same work. Our relationship is what allows harmony. Everything must be harmony so that we can Be

It shows itself + With sympathy and tact, with a formal, correct treatment + With an objective sociability + It is in search of harmony + It says things in a pleasant way, it is cordial and kind + It will look for beauty in every situation in which it finds itself + It values good education and good manners + It is mediator and moderator in any debate + It looks for peace, reconciliation. + Seeks balance, sees both ends of the road and stays in the middle + Has good taste, aesthetic, and artistic sense + Has a detached sense of justice + Seeks to make others feel good, knows how to listen + Wants to accompany and feel accompanied.

The other side of Libra – With great indecision, which leaves him paralyzed at the slightest choice – Inaction, does not move so as not to lose harmony – Hypocrisy, gives in so as not to raise a conflict – Constant uncertainty – Each thing presents an opposite, nothing is definitive or decisive – Ambivalence, always see two points of view at once – Accommodating attitude – Acts ambiguously – Superficial or frivolous attitudes, in his eagerness to take care of the forms.

Represented by: The balance Symbol: it is like a scale. One against the other and balance for harmony Element: Air Quality: Cardinal Polarity: Positive Masculine Ruling planet: Venus. Key phrase: «I harmonize».

I invite you to read Matias’ post with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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