Aquarius – Emotional – Throat: GEMINI

Who was born under the sign of Gemini conceives the following guidelines: I begin to observe the environment, I can see the existing relationship between each thing. I learn the functioning of what surrounds me, and I am able to move according to what the environment requires of me. I connect the two moments I have traveled so far, and I see the options, alternatives open up, there is no longer only one path, and I am able to follow both. I try, I go, I return, I know, and I search, I become light and agile.

It shows itself + With many movements: mental, verbal, physical + It lives in a constant search + Curiosity is its engine. + With a thirst for knowledge + He never stays with only one option + He pays attention to everything that comes his way + He constantly adds information + He is very fluent with words + He explains his arguments with logic + He is open to learning + He is interested in novelties + He is always studying, learning or searching for data + He has a lot of mental and verbal speed + His goal is to know variety + He adapts quickly to new situations + He changes his objects of interest + He has several activities at the same time.

The other side of Gemini – From inconstancy – Unreliable – Unaccommodating – Wants to cover everything at the same time – Becomes superficial – Childish attitude towards commitments – Constantly doubts, nothing conforms him – Hard to take root – Expresses himself with mockery and cynicism – Lives lightly, without delving into anything – Taste for the transmission of gossip

Represented by: The twins Symbol: two vertical lines joined at both ends, duality Element: Air Modality: Mutable Polarity: Positive Masculine Ruling planet: Mercury. Key phrase: «I Think».

I invite you to read Matias’ post with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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