Aquarius – Emotional – Throat: I AM NOURISHMENT OF TRUTH

AM: we are in Gemini today. Each and every one of us has interaction with all the signs, and many times we are marked in our paths with certain moments lived in our relationships, which establish situations on which we shape a perspective that will remain identified in our memory. You’ve already been through it with Libra, and now it’s Gemini.

Me: another sign in which I had very little interaction with people. Only one girlfriend a long time ago.

AM: and how was that relationship?

Me: let’s just say strange. I was in a group of several guys and girls, we used to go out, meet for lunch, or watch a movie, go to one of the members’ field – I mean, have a good time.

AM: and there was a connection, and couples were formed.

Me: one was already formed, which was a friend of mine from high school, and a friend of my sister. And then there were the rest of us. The thing is that this girl, Gemini herself, had these traits of a talkative person, very mutlitask, as they say nowadays, interesting in a sense, and she was interested in dating me.

AM: and you not so much

Me: she had a tendency to have a few extra kilos, and that made me not want to have a relationship with her.

AM: the boy was demanding.

Me: I was looking for the image at the time. Not the person. The thing is that knowing that I wasn’t going to date her if she didn’t lose weight, the girl started to lose weight systematically, and in a short time she was well changed.

AM: a big effort on her part for you to accept her.

Me: and I accepted the proposal. We started going out, she was prettier than she was, with a very good economic situation, with a field where we were going to enjoy some days, she invited me with her family to Punta del Este for vacations, in short, everything was fine.

AM: a somewhat hollow relationship, it seems to be.

Me: a relationship of young people who just wanted to have some fun, I understand. The thing is that some kind of friction started, since he was a person who was not very constant, everything seemed to be the same to him, his comments were often spicy, and I was not far behind. Those attitudes led me to become disinterested in the relationship. There was nothing that connected us. Until one day. She tells me that she didn’t know why we were together, and I replied that I didn’t know either, so that day our relationship ended, and each one, going their own way.

AM: and did the breakup hurt you?

Me: not really. It hurt me more to separate from the group we had all formed, than from the relationship itself. Obviously, the group was no longer the same, because for many years we didn’t even see each other again. But I wasn’t interested in anything and there wasn’t much that left that relationship for me.

AM: and that’s why you feel you don’t connect with Gemini people.

Me: I didn’t have any more relationships with people of this sign. I try not to generalize. But there are certain issues that make the relationship can be very fluid, or end abruptly, as it was in this case.

AM: you are right not to generalize. Everyone accumulates their own experience, and this one is unique. There is not going to be another one like it. So it’s just part of you and no one else.

I invite you to watch Matias’ video with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to engage in conversation with their own I Am, to listen to what we each have to say to each other. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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