Aquarius – Emotional – Plexus: CANCER

Those born under the sign of Cancer conceive the following guidelines: I deepen one of my relationships, I generate a warm space so that the fruit of this relationship can grow and develop. In the face of external dangers, I protect the vulnerability of the fruit. The outside makes me afraid; I separate it from it, I nourish and take care of the inside. A new being is gestated, which shares the same protective inheritance with its creators, and at the same time these of theirs, and so on until the beginning of time. We revive that memory to create loving bonds and, with these bonds we unite in the same past and we identify with the same present.

It is shown + Warm, protective, nurturing of his family and loved ones + Gives and receives affection + With an armor that protects him, separates the internal from the external + Shy, vulnerable, defenseless, nostalgic + Creative fertility + They create their own imaginary worlds where they take refuge + Feels part of a family, a clan, a people, a country + Values the family, the ancestors, the common history + Rich inner life + Extreme sensitivity, intuition, perception, imagination + Proposes to give life and take care of it.

The other side of Cancer – Excessive fear of the future, of what is different – Susceptibility – Overprotects his affections and manipulates – Generates dependence on the part of his loved ones – Fears that others will move away – Childish attitude looking for someone to protect him – Blames the other – Excess of nostalgia, melancholy – Attachment to the past – Conservative attitudes

Represented by: The Crab Symbol: two 6’s horizontally suggest the claws of the crab Element: Water Modality: Cardinal Polarity: Negative Feminine Ruling planet: Moon. Key phrase: «I feel».

I invite you to read Matias’ post with the theme of the day

Finally, I encourage everyone to reflect on the concept of the day. No one else but us can re-signify our own being

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